get the damier "twins" or an ipod?

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  1. okay.....some of you know that i bead, and today i went to my first craft fair! i made 275.15! i am going back tomorrow to sell more tomorrow! amyway.... i was thinking of gettting a damier pochette and a azur cles (those are the "twins" i was talking about). how much is the damier pochette and is it more in azur?

    so what do you think i should do?

    buy the ipod video (mine died :crybaby: )

    buy just the damier (in regualr or azur) pochett

    buy a cles (damier, azur or monogram canvas)

    ??????????? so confused!!! HELP!
  2. Get the Damier pochette... and ask for the ipod for Christmas!
  3. I think your'e right...... which one? is the azur pochette and cles the same price as the monogram one?
  4. hello? anybody?
  5. Yes, same price!! :yes: :yes:

    I say get the LV.
  6. yah.... which one?
  7. Do both Damiers, one of each style...
  8. First of all, congrats for making the $$$ at the craft fair. You are a hard working kid, and that's terrific!
    I like the Azur pochette for you, and I agree, ask for the ipod for Christmas.
    Good luck!
  9. cles are 150 , pochettes are 285
  10. I'd go for the pochette.
  11. get a mini pochette in damier and and the new ipod shuffle...
  12. Another vote for the Damier pochette. Last Xmas my sis asked for an mp3 player and I asked for an equally expensive purse. She made fun of me but I have never regretted my choice!!!
  13. As much as I love LV, if my ipod died I would have to get that first!
  14. I'd get the damier pochette as well and have Santa get you an iPod. Although...I just got an iPod (30 gig video) and it IS amazing.

    Good luck with your decision!
  15. i have the damier pochette and i am getting the azur pochette i can wait it!!
    i love them both so i would get them both!!