Get the Carly Sig Khaki Beet or wait for Carly spring colours?

  1. Hi,

    I really like the Carly bag and currently own 2 mediums, black leather and sig khaki Saddle. Now I am tempted to get the medium Khaki Beet one, which is bright and pretty :drool:. Should I get it before it runs out of stock or wait for the bright spring Carlys? Not sure if i would like the Carly spring colours :shrugs:

    Any comments appreciated! TIA!:flowers:
  2. hhmmm well you could wait but if you are worried you might not like the new colors and you know you like the beet, why not get it and keep the tags on it and then wait and see what comes out? That way you have it if it's the one you want, and if not it's a simple trade to the other color! :yes: I love khaki/beet Carly!!! :yes:
  3. I would wait...I always find that I settle for something and then they come out with something else that I want more!
  4. ITA It is a very popular color combo so i would get it now !
  5. /\ /\ x2
  6. I agree. Buy the Khaki/Beet now. Leave the tags on and wait for the new colors to come out. The Khaki/Beet has been sold out for a while now and might sell out again and you won't be able to get it later. Get it now, you can always return it if you decide you like one of the new colors better.
  7. Get the beet! I wish they made the leather Carly in beet!!
  8. I think the khaki/beet is gorgeous :love:. I don't know what spring colours are coming out though?
  9. Thanks for all your suggestions :flowers: I will get the khaki/beet :love:
  10. yay! :yahoo: Plus if you get it now you should be able to get pce on it!!! :tup: Be sure and post pics when you get her!!! :drool: