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Apr 3, 2012

I've read through the forums and found that many people agree from experience or word of mouth that the easiest place to acquire a Birkin is in Tokyo, Japan, and that is the truth, because Japan not only gets the most stock of Birkins, but also has the most Hermes flagship stores in the world, especially in Tokyo.

However, most people know that Birkins are even more expensive in Japan, which is also the truth, but not by that much.

I live here so I know, but don't fret, because Tokyo has COUNTLESS Birkin resellers (if you're not looking to buy a brand new one or looking for a vintage one) at popular/famous second-hand chain stores that are trustworthy, but really, the prices are not much cheaper at all than getting lucky and obtaining a brand new Birkin at an official Hermes flagship store in the city.
The two main second-hand chain stores in Japan that sell all brands second-hand are "DAIKOKUYA" & "KOMEHYO".

For those of you who want a brand new Birkin but want to also be able to be picky.....

I just found out that there is a particular (unofficial) Hermes shop in center Tokyo where, the moment you walk in, all sides of the walls are stacked in glass cupboards displaying dozens of Birkins--ALL BRAND NEW.
I was completely mind blown and overwhelmed at the sight. (Because it was just so beautiful! :love:)

This is their official website, and luckily, they ship internationally. Of course, they sell a variety of Hermes things other than the Birkin, but no joke, the number of Birkins they have is incredible, and the shop itself is SUPER worth visiting if any of you are on a hunt for a Birkin when visiting Tokyo.

The websites' language can be changed to either Japanese or English, so definitely foreigner-friendly.

I cannot promise you that they have stock on the website, but if you are curious or have any questions, a number is shown on the website to call for customer service.

I hope this will help many of you who seek to acquire this beautiful, legendary bag, and make it a much easier Hermes shopping experience in Tokyo! If any of you happen to have visited this shop before or will intend to, please share your experience and post pictures here! Good luck!
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