Get serial inside?

  1. Does any Chloe Paddington wallet got serial number on back of its inner leather piece? Jst wondering...
  2. I have lots of Chloe wallets (from '05, 06, and '07) but have never found a serial number inside. :shrugs: Where is it, (if there is one?):smile: I will take a look and get back to this:smile:...Just looked at a couple of my beauties, and no...I don't see any serial numbers. Only the "Chloe" name and "made in Italy." In the newer wallets from '07, the name "Chloe" and "made in Italy" are not necessarily together. They can be on two different parts of the interior. (I have wallets from NAP,, Neiman Marcus, Bluefly, and also, roz77772002 on eBay, and they are all authentic.) Hope this helps.
  3. Big help~~~ :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Thanks!!!