Get rid of your mid week blues amd show me what you're working with!


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Apr 18, 2012
Pacific Palisades, CA
Hello beautiful ladies of TPF, I don't know about you but this week seems like its dragging on! So, to give myself a little boost I thought - why don't we all share our favorite go to dress?

The one you always feel great in. Whether its fancy, formal, or flirty!

I guess I'll start... Gulp. My "go to" is the J Crew Allie dress. I love the fabric, the fit, of course the color... But mostly I love that it fit me without alterations :P

Worn with: Prada leopard Mary Janes, Tory burch mini clover necklace, gold Michele deco day watch... And my giant dog in the background!



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Jan 2, 2006
The week is actually a bit busy for me but I always love some midweek inspiration!

You look beautiful in your J Crew Allie dress! It is the perfect fit on you and that is such a striking color (hey, it goes with your thread title :P)

Hope the week picks up soon, we only have two more days (two and a half for us CAians)!!


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Feb 6, 2007
Well we're over hump-day here in Australia and on the downward streak to the weekend - yay us! :biggrin:

Love that dress and you look fantastic in it :yes: Those shoes!! :drool:

I've got a couple of go-to dresses that I would really rate, but no pics as at work :nogood: