Get rid of large Cambon & get Ritz?

Feb 9, 2006
I'm torn right now. I have the large Cambon tote with black patent CC's which I love but also want the Ritz. Don't have the funds to keep both and they're 2 totally different style of bags. I know that Ritz won't be around much longer. So should I just dive in and get the Ritz and get rid of the tote for now? Maybe I'll have better chances getting the tote again later if I decide I want it again.
i would definitely get the ritz over the cambon tote.
i think the ritz is just such a stunning bag! it also looks a bit dressier and more classic to me.
The ritz is gorgeous, and classic, and the Cambon is more fun and trendy. It's a very hard decision, but if your looking for that perfect classic bag, I would go for the ritz.
I'm pretty new to Chanel, but I know the Cambon line - does anyone have a picture of the Ritz? I haven't seen it in the reference threads. The Cambon in caviar is beautiful.
ahhh, I just sold this same tote yesterday to buy the Lady Braid ... I was sad to let it go, love the leather and I am sucker for patent, but I am just not a shoulder bag kinda girl ... I'm sure I'll get over it as soon as that buttery soft, smooshy Lady Braid gets here! :P