Get rid of blemishes and redness?

  1. What's a good CHEAP product that'll get rid of my blemishes and red spots? And also get ride of small zits...face washes, masks, peels, all that good stuff!
  2. I like Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask for blemishes, red spots and combo skin in general. I use this at least once a week.
  3. My Beauty Diary whitening masks.
    Bioderma Sensibio AR Anti-Rougeurs cream.
  4. My friend's daughter swears by Noxzema products.
  5. Oh I love Mint Julep! To rid your skin of problems you'll want to start a skincare regimen, and by that I mean you want to cleanse&moisturize your face 2x a day.
    Here's what you'll want to do (morning&night):
    wash your face with a mild soap-free cleanser (any one will do)
    apply a toner with salicylic acid (or look for a moisturizer with glycolic acid)
    moisturize (Cetaphil is great, or Olay)
    A couple days out of the week throw in an exfoliator like Mint Julep or St.Ives Apricot Scrub. If your skin is in good condition you can skip toner. Hope this helped.
  6. Cetaphil makes my skin burn :sad: does anyone else experience this?
  7. Yes! Trisan & the Avene No Rinse or Gel cleanser for Normal-Combination skin work better for me (but I still use Cetaphil Lotion or Cream at nighttime)
  8. Its probably the cleanser! For some reason it feels like it burns the skin and makes it feel tight. This used to happen to my mom before I mentioned Cerave. Their moisturizer shouldn't do it, tho.
  9. Benzoyl peroxide under you moisterizer and makeup during the day, glycolic acid 10-12% at night, that will dry up all your zits and leave your skin suepr soft.