Get ready, ladies... a new Coach line!


    I know you're all familiar with the bangles. Who isn't?

    But now, debuting in September, there's a whole new Coach collection, featuring new bangles in new styles and colors, PLUS

    -Art glass and brass jewelry (including a TDF 64 or 68" necklace with glass and brass that's GORGEOUS), with matching earrings

    -A Sterling Silver collection with a tiffany-style heart, Coach snaphead charm and MUCH more necklaces and bracelets

    -All-new boyfriend collection with leather cord, heart, coach snaphead or peace sign to choose from, and also a GORGEOUS bracelet with cutout C's in brass, wide, that doesn't connect in the back so it'll actually fit larger wrists! And a lot more in that collection.

    There is even a Legacy wide bangle WATCH (like the legacy stripe bangle but with a watch inset)

    ...and even more than that! Sorry I'm being limited on the details but I can't tell you too much! Ask your SA to show you the pages that will be going in CBSR (the big red book)

    You're going to love it!
  2. Oh, and there's also a huge, chunky charm bracelet made of art glass and brass. It's very cool.

    The price point actually isn't that high on the jewelry either, which is a good thing.
  3. wow! when can we c pics?
  4. If you ask your SA really nicely she might show you pics. The pages for CBSR are already in.
  5. I admit I'm surprised people aren't more excited about this; I know I am!
  6. I can't wait!!!!!!
  7. Thanks for the early info!
  8. Yippeeee!! I'm excited!:dothewave:
  9. Ohhh no... ohh no. Not excited at all, well at least my wallet isn't! The sterling silver collection will be extremely dangerous!!
  10. This is trouble!! In the best possible way! I'm dying to get one of the rings and a new bracelet. And a necklace. Oh man, this is going to be bad...
    Thanks for the info!!:tup:
  11. I'm not excited about the "Tiffany style heart". I have a Tiffany charm bracelet (among other Tiffany pieces) and personally, I don't like when other companies copy them. I'll stick with Tiffany for my jewelry and Coach for my purses. That's just me. :rolleyes:
  12. Would love to see a sterling line. I just cant wear anything thats not a precious metal. Everything sounds lovely though. Looking forward to it. Wish they would make bangles with hinges and in bigger sizes. Some of us do not have a 5" wrist!
  13. oooooh can't wait!!
  14. You said it!!! I can't wait for this stuff to come out, but oh wallet!!!
  15. Sadness - metal allergies leaves me out, I don't see them including platinum:shame: