Get ready for summer weight loss club - join here!

  1. OK, I just realized that there are about 8 weeks until the official start of summer: June 21st.

    I had another shocking realization that I gained 5 pounds in a month - yikes! So add that to the 10 I wanted to lose and I'm at 15. I am usually a size 8 or 10 but I am really pushing maximum density for a 10 and refuse to get to a 12. So it is time for drastic measures!

    I have all the info for Weight Watchers so I am planning on following that and doing the online program.

    So, if you need to lose weight and have a goal come and join me!
  2. I'll join you! I would like to lose about 10 pounds. I actually lost a couple this week, so I am on my way. I am just doing the old fashioned thing and watching what I eat (low sugar, no refined carbs) and exercising.
  3. I'll like to join in. I have fifteen pounds to lose and so far I have lost only three and I've been working out for about five months. I just started back with a personal trainer to kick it in high gear. I try to work out 4-5 times a week including weights on three of those days. I calculate my caloric intake in fitday and I also use it to track my macros.

    Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Count me in! I have to start being active again and should lose the 20+ pounds I gained over 3 years. I am walking/jogging to be able to run a 5K this summer.

    Did anyone cut out alcoholic drinks? I love having wine with girlfriends or an occasional beer with my BF, but I have heard that when wanting to lose weight, it is best to not drink alcoholic beverages.
  5. Can I join even though I've been losing weight for the past year and a half? I still have 29 pounds to lose before I reach my goal. I doubt I could lose that much in 8 weeks, though.
  6. Overall I have about at 50-70 lb goal, but I'll put in for 15 lbs by June 21st!

    I quit smoking 37 days ago, so now I know if I can do that, I can do anything! I, too, am thinking about cutting out alcoholic drinks as well...empty calories, and they make me bloat like a blimp! :balloon:

    Good luck to everyone!!
  7. I agree with trying not to drink alcoholic beverages. In addition to being empty calories, you are more apt to snack on unhealthy things when you are drinking.

    So far I have been walking almost every day and doing crunches every other day. I also need to add push-ups and some weights.

    Here's what I have been eating: For breakfast- chicken sausage with a poached egg and low-fat cheese. For lunch- a salad with a hard-boiled egg, lean ham, cheese, and dressing. Snacks are no-sugar added yogurt (also good because of fiber), carrots, nuts. Dinner varies. Tonight I am going to have turkey meatloaf. I also like to eat bean soup for dinner because it is healthy, inexpensive, and tasty.

    Good luck to everyone!
  8. WOW - thanks for joining everyone. Should we have a "weigh in" every Saturday? By "weigh in" I mean chart your progress in pounds lost.

    Any other ideas/incentives would be great. I think somebody did something like this on tPF last year.

    ArmCandyLuvr you rock!! I have loved watching your progress.

    SunnyFreckles - I bet quitting smoking is going to be harder than losing the weight! Quite an achievement!
  9. I lost 20 pounds last year, 10 pounds so far this year (I didn't really try hard, just ate less) but this week I'm getting ready to start seriously with a plan so I can start losing at a faster pace. I still have about 66 pounds to go to reach my goal, and I want to lose at least half of that by my birthday in October.
  10. I decided that May was the start of "get rid of the weight I've gained since I graduated college" month. Its about 10lb. I think overall I eat healthy, but its just needing to get my butt to the gym!
  11. Count me in! I was just setting my goals for the week as I have been a pig for about 6 weeks now and Im over it. I need to lose 15 pounds for sure. Saturday weigh is good...
    I will be doing Medi fast and working out. I will check in here and hopefully we can inspire each other. I need all the help I can get!
  12. Yes, ladies count me in too! I'm not happy how my mid section is filling in...where did my once tiny waist go? I'd like to drop about 15 pounds...I lost 35 about 4 years ago and some has crept back!!

    I am going to resume my carbohydrate addicts eating plan...if anyone wants more info you can visit It literally changed my life combined with regular exercise.
  13. Yes, count me in! Over the last 2 years I have put on (I kid you not) 30 pounds. I was really working out 2 years ago because I had to be in a wedding - I was about 145, as svelte as I have been since college! Now I'm 175 and svelte is not the word for me anymore! If I really set my mind to it, I can lose weight pretty steadily, but I need to get started. After this weekend it's back to the gym and no more sugar, I'm a sugar fiend.
  14. I'm in too!!! I've already started shedding some pounds but I'd love to keep at it with some company and support (that's you guys lol). You can see my goal in my signature!! Maybe we should all get weightloss tickers like this and track our progress there. What do you think?
  15. Count me in!

    I want to lose 30 pounds by the Fall. I've been slacking big time (crazy end of the semester), but I just did 30 minutes on the elliptical and we're walking the dogs this evening. I also started keeping my food/exercise journal again.