Get Ready For M By Madonna

  1. The M by Madonna collection at H&M is almost here and this time she's giving us something a little more exciting than tracksuits. The line, which Madonna helped create with design chief Margareta van den Bosch, is full of lumber jackets, blazers, kimono dresses, handbags and, of course, sunglasses with her signature M on the side. The line has been described as ultra glamorous and very sexyFrom what we see here, we love it so far. Madonna is evidently pretty thrilled as well.

  2. Think this will be a popular collection, didn't think much of the last few!
  3. Some of it is very cute.
  4. Didnt really think much of it.. Madonna doesn't strike me as a style icon even though she's so fantastic at what she does-music.
  5. I adore that dress!
  6. Thanks for the update!
    I like the dress a lot. It's very cute :yes:
  7. When is the official launch date?
  8. I am not too impressed with this collection (even though the dress in the picture is nice). I am not sure what date the collection will be launched, but in Sweden at least, it's supposed to be a date during the second week of March.
  9. I wanted to check how much the dress is going to cost, does anyone know what currency the prices on the pic are in? Seems like it could be Polish zlotys?

    Edit: And has anyone seen pics of the bags?
  10. It looks like thisline has potential! I like the dress!
  11. I like the belt.....:heart: Emmy
  12. Could they not airbrush her so she wouldnt have alien skin? Otherwise the pieces look cute...
  13. The pics look nice, but let's all wait and see if the actual clothes look that good as well....
  14. That dress is cute! :love:
  15. The collection will be available in stores this month. Here's a link to the full collection (VERY cute stuff)
    P.S. Is it just me or does it seem like H&M is raising their prices?