Get Pretty Quick Suggestions!

  1. Hey ladies, I've been feeling really shleppy recently - I've let myself go too much! I'm going to start working out again, so long term I'll start feeling fit and prettier, but what are a few quick fixes that you would suggest? What easy changes would you recommend to a gal who needs a little sprucing up? :yes:
  2. Good for your for taking a step in a right direction! For short term fixes why not try:
    1) a new haircut
    2) a tan (real or fake)
    3) a mini-makeover (i.e. go to the makeup counters and get made-up in the new summer colors, then slurge!)
    4) a mini-wardrobe makeover - as you start working out more, buy new outfits to reward yourself for your new shape!

    Best of luck!
  3. Go shopping!! Go out with friends..have a good time! ;)
  4. Go for a pedicure and get a nice bright summery colour on your toes.

    I agree with the suggestion of getting a makeover at a makeup counter.
  5. 1. New make up
    2. New clothes
    3. New hair colour or get a clear gloss treatment
    4. Get a tan
    5. Buy new moisturizer!!! (always works!)
    6. Get a facial
    7. Get a mani/pedi
    8. Smile!!!!!
  6. *bubble baths
    *facial masks
    *new pretty undies and bra
    *nice perfume or body sprays
    *a little lip gloss and mascara do wonders for one's confidence
    * experiment with hairstyles and hair accessories.
  7. .New Haircut and Hair Color try adding a few highlights.
    .New make up lipstick or lipgloss add mascar or eyeliner
    .Manicure and Pedicure
  8. Hair cut or trim, some highlights, manicure, pedicure, and a new lipstick.

    When I'm feeling yucky, I go for the all over wholesome look. Pull my hair back neatly, put on sheer blush, some white eyeshadow (just a touch), mascara and a nice natural lip stick and gloss. Then I wear a nice crisp white or pastel top and my favorite jeans.

    Remember to spritz on some refreshing perfume and body lotion.

    Hang in there! Once you get started exercising again and try a few of the suggestions that everyone has posted you'll feel better.

  9. very nice suggestion.,, I esp love the last one. Because it does miracles!:yes:
  10. Thank you for all the lovely suggestions!! They are all great. I should have mentioned that I'm on a budget for the summer, so I'm going to have to forego any major shopping sprees (but boy would I love some serious retail therapy!). Based on these suggestions, this is what I'm going to try:

    1. Take a nice looong relaxing bath (once I clean the bathroom!). With bubbles.

    2. Give myself a mani/pedi.

    3. Play around with some of my current makeup and see if I can develop some new looks. I've got quite a few eyeshadows that I really haven't used, maybe I can do something fun with them!

    4. Schedule a haircut and an eyebrow wax - these are just necessities. I haven't gotten a haircut since Thanksgiving, whoops!

    5. Give myself a facial with one of my Origins masques - my skin is seriously looking splotchy and gross, hopefully this helps.

    Oooh, this will be great! I'm going to try to get my apartment all unpacked and cleaned first though and use this as a reward. Thanks again for the suggestions. And yes, I will try to smile too!
  11. Get your hair done or change your hairstyle. Even changing the side that you part your hair could make a difference. Another thing I like to do is experiment with new skincare lines or a new product like an exfoliator. Use a bronzer because it will instantly give your face a glow. If your eyelashes aren't naturally thick and long, why not try eyelash extensions?
  12. Wow, great ideas, van!! :wlae:Enjoy your pampering!!