Get Pomme or Azur French Purse?

  1. I had written in a separate post about whether to wait for Amarante or get Pomme now. But I just realized that the Azur FP has 8 CC slots! Does anyone have a 8 CC slot FP that would highly recommend for this reason? Aside from that, I am still torn betw the three (more like anticipation for Amarante as I don't know what it looks like yet), but think Azur may be easier for care for in a wallet which is a high traffic item? What do you guys think? Thanks!
  2. I like the pomme best.
  3. ^^ I agree. I like the pomme. Maybe you can get the azur cles for when you don't need a larger wallet
  4. I love Pomme!
  5. Pomme in the french wallet is awesome.
  6. I like Pomme more!:heart:
  7. Def. Pomme.:yes:
  8. I don't really like the Vernis pomme.... I'd say get the azur:yes:
  9. i like the French Purse in Pomme d'Amour; it's such a pretty color, and it won't get firty as easily as the Azur, which is too light
  10. I prefer pomme. Such a pretty color........
  11. i like the azur...imma get one next weekend!! :smile:
  12. I like the pomme.
  13. pomme, definitely!
  14. I like the Pomme best, but IMO Azur is the cutest non-vernis french purse and it has 8 cc's!
  15. Pomme- get it while you can! Azur will always be around.