Get Pleasures From My Photo(s) - Reveal

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  1. You can see me, you can't squeeze me
    I ain't easy, I ain't sleazy
    I got reasons why I tease 'em
    Boys just come and go like seasons

    (So delicious)

    Anyone up for a reveal? I realize after tad's spectacular one, this is totally underwhelming, but it's new to me, and cost me all of $25!!
  2. yay, sco .. a live one :smile:
  3. Ugh photobucket is dying on me.

  4. Bargain, can't wait to see you got!
  5. [​IMG]

    I put them boys on rock rock
  6. :woohoo:I can't wait to see it!! Even with the brokerage fees you got stuck with, you still got this for a bargain!!! I'm so glad a tPFer snatched it up!! C'mon, take it off!!:woohoo:
  7. [​IMG]


    Oh, and JJ! I didn't end up having to pay the brokerage fees for some reason. I didn't question UPS and their methods, but I didn't have to pay an extra cent on top of the original shipping I paid so it came out to $30 USD NO ADDITIONAL FEES. :graucho:

    I originally intended on taking modelling pics but I came back from Yoga not long ago and my hair is gross, I am gross and I look pregnant cause I just ate a million things for dinner. I'm also in my jammies now :P I'll take some tomorrow as I have a *rocker* outfit to use this with~.
  8. Gorgeous, congrats on your bargain!!
  9. :nuts::nuts: Wow!! That's even better!! it looks like it's in great shape too! I think this is one of the bargains of the season!! Good for you!!:tup::tup:
  10. oh fabulous! you got the rocker clutch. what a steal!!
  11. Yes, I thought the deal was too good to be true too! The inside of the bag is spotless too! No signs of wear really. It's uniformly cream all around so I'm pretty sure it's not a yellowed patent leather.

    Thanks ladies for watching :biggrin:
  12. awesome! it looks like it's in great shape!! congrats! now rock it!!
  13. Love it! Glad it turned out to be in good condition
  14. :yahoo: It looks so yummy! Reminds me of banana cream pie!
  15. SCO, what an awesome deal! can't wait to see your modeling pics. :biggrin: