"Get paid to take online surveys"

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  1. i don't know.. i get tons of email on them.. maybe they know i don't have a job.. hehehe..
  2. I have done it before, but I can't remember the site link. For the one I did, you could get money for it but it was really hard to get alot over it. You basically had to have some type of profession that fit what they were looking for, then you could take a survey that was like 2 bucks or something.

    The one in your link may be legit, but i'm sure there's some type of catch to it also.
  3. how will you get paid?
  4. I've never done those...but when I was out in Cali I did mystery shopping....made pretty good extra cash!
  5. I do online surveys for a couple of companies-but, by no means get th ekind of money they are talking about!

    There is one company that sends me surveys pretty frequently and you get points per survey. You can trade in your points for different prizes ranging from cash to gift certificates-BUT, it takes a lot of points to get anything decent (and, by decent I mean a $10 Amazon gift certificate!).

    There is another one that will send me $2 every time I complete a survey and then the last one, for which i very infrequently get survey offers, will give you a $10 Amazon gift certificate every time after you complete the survey if they determine that you put in a worthwhile effort to answering their questions.

    My niece does mystery shopping-she seems to do ok with that.
  6. I do something similar with erewards, although the cash gained may only be used to purchase gift certificates.
  7. I was interested in doing that until I found out there are lots of scammy sites of those and I didn't want to waste my time sifting through them seeing which ones are legit and worthwhile. I've been thinking about doing this recently.
  8. ahh cool! please tell us more about the Mystery SHopping!

    how does that go?
  9. I think you can get paid a decent amount of cash to participate in focus groups/surveys by market researchers. I have a coworker who does them for extra $ and it can be like $50-$150 for just going to a mtg and answering questions. And it is cash too.

    I've had friends try to get into mystery shopping but it always seemed like a lot more effort than it was worth so they stopped. But maybe it just depends on what 'assignments' you're given.
  10. I used to do a LOT of survey sites - sometimes for points sometimes for cash sometimes for gift cards.

    The site I like the best though is the site that gives you points for shopping and for just reading your e-mails - it's called MyPoints. I get 10-15 e-mails every day and I click on a button that opens up a new browser to whatever the e-mail is selling. I usually click it and then close the browser cause I'm rarely interested. But I get 5 points per e-mail.

    And then you get points by shopping vendors that are registered with MP - like Target, Floral Delivery sites, Overstock.com, etc. I've racked up over 30,000 points in the last year or two and gotten a bunch of gift cards (you redeem your points) like Starbucks, Shell gasoline, Target, etc. I love it! I'm going to shop anyway so I might as well get some extra stuff.

    The survey sites I used to frequent are Survey Spot, Global Test Market, and I think one that's called Greenfield Online. They're reputable and I've earned some money in cash checks (we're talking $20-$50 over 2 years, nothing major). The fun thing is doing tests on new products. I've tried out air fresheners and shampoo - I loved the shampoo! LOL

    If anyone wants to help me earn points and wants to sign up for My Points I can send you an invitation but I need your e-mail. :smile: You can get points from referring friends.
  11. I don't really know much about the mystery shopping. She lives here in NY and has been doing it for a couple of years. I think she mainly does supermarkets-she ahs to go shopping in them, looking for certain things, asking certain questions and then writes up a brief report. I am not even sure how much she makes-but, enough for pocket money for her (she is a SAHM)
  12. I've always wondered about those surveys too. I think I signed up for some, but only got a bunch of junk mail!
  13. Some are legit and some are not. Here are some legit ones that I belong to:


    Some pay in gift certificates (to places like Amazon.com), some pay via paypal and some pay by check. They don't send a whole lot of surveys, so it takes a while to actually get anything...but it's still nice.
  14. I've done mystery shopping....there are alot of sites out there. It takes some research but its fun and you get free stuff + money.
    For example, I used to do mcDonalds shops...you get $10 + a free meal.
    My only word of advice is to NEVER EVER pay for a list of mystery shopping websites....do a little searching and you'll find the sites on your own. Thee is a web forum that lists all of them for free.
    I was doing it parttime as a student...I would do them on my way to and from school and was making around $500-600 a month.