Get out the Vote! Which bag

  1. okay I need some help picking a next bag.

    Here is what I have Hermes-wise
    35cm Raisin Birkin togo with PH
    32cm Kelly in black chevre with PH
    30cm Brighton Blue Clemance
    and on order for fall...35cm clemance birkin in rouge garance.
    Jigi GM clutch in veau chamonix natural keep that in mind.

    I am thinking...

    Maharana black I know its fab but dressy? yes...

    Bombay bag in black box for a more everyday bag...

    or a Massai in a fun nuetral for my throw on bag.

    So what do you think??
  2. I'd go for the M clutch. You have a lot of everyday bags in your collection so a little something dressy would be a lovely addition. The M clutch is big enough to also be taken out during the day and will look lovely with a pair of smart jeans too.
  3. and its fab too!

    I was thinking also I need a bag that I can take out and its my I am not worried about throw on bag.

    sometimes I don't like bringing my birkins or kellys out because I have to watch them.
  4. another question...I will be going to Paris the end of April.....are the prices that much lower over there compared to the states?
  5. black chevre kelly with PH!!!!
  6. I'm with Rose for the Maharana Clutch in BLACK BOX !
    You have enough everyday something elegant and dressy will be a nice addition !
  7. Paris price will be lower...remember you can have the 10% VAT refund and no need for sale tax like the states..
  8. Ing...I own the kelly! the top items are what I have...
  9. so lets just say...the scarf is $320 here...what is it there....or like what is a price comparision to the massai bag, etc
  10. LOL - GG, didn't you say you wanted to slow down just a little?:smile:

    Okay - I think the Massai in a neutral like Ebene might be a good throw-on everyday bag.

    I'd skip the Bombay because it's just another hand-held and the Maharani might be okay, but you already have your one clutch and you can use your Black Chevre Kelly for the same purpose.

    And yes, I'd definitely wait and check those out in Paris! First of all the prices already start out lower and THEN you get the VAT back. You'll end up way ahead of the game.
  11. yeah I want to get in Paris but I love buying from my SA because she is so good to me. I guess if there is that much price difference that would be GREAT.

    VAT taxes don't you jsut return the receipts when you get to the airport.....and they refund it? how do you get it back?
  12. If you pay with a credit card, they refund it to your credit card on your next cycle. It varies according to the piece, but it's a nice savings! First the prices are somewhat less expensive, then you don't have to pay your state tax AND you get like 13 - 15% VAT tax back. Doesn't suck.:p
  13. Oh dear...I have to go check out my receipts now...the scarf I believe I had it for $220ish or something after the refund....but of course the retail price is lower than the states....

    ie. the 35 Birkin is Euro4800 after 10% refund is EURO4320, that translates to $5670 roughly, the retail of a 35 Birkin in the states is $7600 PLUS tax.. (depends on where you are)

    There're some prices on the French Hermes website for the scarves...etc. for some small items it might not have too much difference..but the greater amount you spend, the more VAT refund you get..hence the greater differences in price. KWIM :p
  14. thanks guys! maybe I will just wait for Paris and see what speaks to me.

    I imagine the bomboy, massai or the maharana clutch are easy to get in Paris...compared to birkins. kellys should be easier to obtain too right?

    gosh what great price differences!!

    the maha clutch is calling to me I think
  15. I say clutch or a true shoulder bag like the Massai. You should have no problem getting any of these bags in Paris!!