Get on BLUEFLY now, OMG! I just got this

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  1. A lot of bags are already gone, like the blues and whites, several truffles left in GH, hobo, brief, PT, city....

    I figure it would be good to keep refreshing, with the additional 20% off, the price is happy!

    Links to refresh periodically:
    White GH PT

    Blue City, GH, Marine?

    Lots more, now there is a work GH in truffle, too. WOWZA!

    Good luck to all..... : )
  2. WOW congratulations on the fb pt!
    thanks for posting :smile:

  3. Thanks so much! I wanted to share the love, I was amazed when I saw so many listed. Is it indeed FB I got? :heart:
  4. i think so! lovely color... there was also a marine brief! too bad i'm holding out for next season... but CONGRATS once again!! post modeling pictures when you get it.. :smile:

  5. Thanks again, will do! :smile:
  6. How come when i go to Bluefly, they always seem to have the same old black/brown stuff?! :confused1:
  7. ^ it's a matter of timing!!! The good stuff seems to be snatched up within minutes they are released! Whenever I go on, I mostly see the "same old black/brown stuff too"...but once in a blue moon you get lucky! I logged into bluely thirty minutes too late this morning it seems!
  8. Me too, "mintpearl" ... by the time I got in, it was the usual stuff ... :crybaby:
  9. :sad: And you may have snagged your 50th bbag today!! (Will u ever do the honor of posting your collection? perhaps when u have ur 50th??)
    Well, there's always another day!
  10. I can't believe they're all gone already!! :sad:
  11. I'm so happy for you!:yahoo: Congrats, Blue_Hour_Girl!:yes:
  12. I wish they would get more RH bags in ... I'm pretty much "over" the GH bags for now...
  13. Congrats for ur new's pretty...don't forget to post pics when u receive her........:smile:
  14. Only a giant marine brief left, it seems....:sad: I'll have to check bluefly more often.
    Congrats on the french blue, post pics.