Get off the plateau!

  1. So, for the past year, I have been working out regularly and eating right (okay, eating right 95% of the time :smile:). I have dropped almost 100 pounds...I hate to admit that I had let myself get that out of control. Anyway, I've got a few more to go before I get to the maintenance stage.

    I hit a wall in late June. The steady loss I was experiencing just stopped. I increased my workouts (heavier weights, longer cardio), I continued to watch what I ate, but...nothing. I've talked to a personal trainer and a few fitness buffs that I know and read tons of articles. They all say the same thing...eventually the loss will start again, my body is in some sort of re-boot process, and just keep at it.

    How have you gotten off the plateau? Did you make a drastic change? Did you just keep steady and wait it out? Ideas would be appreciated.
  2. AWESOME!!!! Congrats on that weight loss, that is major!

    I find any radical change jumps mine back into gear. Have you tried a few weeks of HIIT?
    What about cutting carbs sharply for a week?

    Are you drinking a redonck amount of water?
  3. I really have to push myself to drink lots of water throughout the day. That is harder that getting to the gym! I've already got myself on a really low-carb, high-protein routine, but I probably need to really examine everything I am putting in my body.

    I got the Couch to 10K program on my iPod and I am going to start that this weekend. I am hoping that will help to push my body back into weight loss mode.

    Even after a year, this more fit lifestyle feels weird to me. I spent a lifetime eating whatever and getting next to no exercise. Maybe my body is rebelling:lol: But I won't give up. I refuse to settle for anything less than my goal.
  4. Yea, no, don't give up!
    Sometimes on a really low carb diet, your body needs carbs to cycle back though for pushing over plateaus. When I did a low carb diet for 2 months, I was happy w/ my weight at the end of that 2 months, started adding carbs back in and immediately low 4 lbs in a week! It really can jumpstart the metabolism again to eat a good amount of healthy carbs then go back to low again.

    Water could be your downfall. Do you like flavored teas, or flavored water or anything at all like that that you can force down?
  5. Water has always been an issue for me. Flavored water and tea are not my favorite. Salt consumption is also a big issue for me. I don't have much of a sweet tooth. I have a salt tooth. I really need to make an effort to cut back on salt...which goes hand in hand with increased water consumption.
  6. Wow! You are an inspiration! That is such a huge loss and it sounds like you've made lasting changes. You will absolutely reach your goal - no doubt!!

    Are you doing the same type of cardio all the time? I am trying to lose about 10-12 lbs (about 1/2way there). In the beginning I about doubled my cardio, but kept doing the arc trainer bc I was supposedly burning the most calories. The scale would not budge, despite "running" 25-30 miles/week. I finally did what everyone said and switched up the cardio, and the scale started moving. I did also count calories for a week just to remind myself what I should be taking in, but it sounds like you have the food side down already.

    Good luck! You got this!
  7. :yes: I dont know what arc is but its true, muscles get more efficient doing the same thing over and over and therefore burn less calories, doing something else for a while or alternating between or starting an excersize/sport (like ju jitsu) that has that ethos built-in will stoke a metabolism.

    OP, congratulations on your awesome progress, you have done soooo well :woohoo: even maintaining you 100 pounds weight loss whilst your body and mind adjusts to an extreme overhaul can not be easy.
  8. Well, you're doing a lot better than me, but I have mastered the salt. If you consume less salt, you get more sensitive to it and want less. I actually tested slightly low on sodium on my last blood test. I thought, "What am I going to eat to get more salt? I don't eat many processed foods and I rarely add salt to foods."

    So I think part of it is to make your own foods and try to eliminate processed foods. I keep some low salt tortilla chips around (they are made locally and are delicious! like restaurant style), and honey roasted peanuts for when I need a little crunchy salty snack. But no lean cuisines. No other salty snacks, just my favorite tortilla chips. And I eat most of my vegetables raw, not cooked. They don't need salt when they are raw. And less eating out. Restaurant food usually has tons of salt.
  9. Yeah, restaurants are bad. When we eat out, I do my best to order some type of seafood or grilled chicken without whatever sauce/seasoning/crap they always want to put on it. Sometime the devil on my shoulder wins, but I am getting better at ignoring him.

    I have found a new obsession with smoked paprika and garlic. I find that those two ingredients can easily take the place of salt on most protein I cook.

    I've abandoned the weight machines at my gym in favor of free weights. I already feel a difference! I always hear that small changes can make a big difference...
  10. Good for you! I am hoping to start back (once again) on getting on track with my fitness. I know exactly what you mean with the salt cravings and virtually no sweet tooth!

    With regards to flavored water - are you talking about the ones that are on the shelves, or flavoring it yourself? Have you tried putting lime in your water? For me, that makes it seem like a refreshing treat and I guzzle it. I also saw a recipe for "fitness water" on pinterest which was essentially water + cucumber + mint, although I haven't tried it.

    I think changing up your routine may help the most. When I hit my plateau, I decided to wait it out. And waited...and waited...until I resigned myself to thinking that was just "my weight". I never changed it up though, and I know for my height I probably could have lost another 10 lbs if I'd known it would have helped.

    Best of luck to you OP!
  11. I'm just not a fan of flavored water. I've tried lemon and cucumber, but I'm not a huge fan.

    I've started Couch to 10k in the afternoons, so I am hoping the more frequent workout and change in routine jump starts my body again.

    I was on steroids for two weeks and gained 8 pounds. So frustrating!
  12. Oh dang!! VERY frustrating!!!

    Have you had bloodwork done for thyroid and others?
  13. I've had all the bloodwork done. It was the only time I ever hoped for an illness :lol: But, everything came back normal. I went back to the doc this morning and she assured me that the 8 pounds will start to go away once the steroids are completely out of my system.

    Genetics are playing against me also. My mom's side of the family are small people. My sisters got those genes...along with the beautiful looks, gorgeous hair, and awesome skin tones (but that's another rant). I am 100% my dad's side. My dad was built like a linebacker. His sisters are very big women. Unfortunately, my parents saved up those genes for me. But, on the plus side, it makes my job a little easier knowing that some of the criminals I deal with are a little afraid of me.
  14. Switch your diet, your body is an amazing machine, it can adapt to anything. Try reading Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Body, I'm a hard loser, the fat just never came off (not that I had that much to begin with) until I started the Slow Carb diet. Not really a diet, more like changing the way you eat and reducing insulin spikes, and it focuses on hormones rather than calorie reduction. Even if you already know how to eat right or think you do, I recommend eating it. I lost about 5 lbs in 12 days with a couple of binge days, from 120 to 119, I'm now 114. (I'm short.) From 24% to 19% (now) body fat.