Get new boots or salvage the old?

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  1. Hi all!

    I am moving to Europe this fall and have been living in NYC for three years. It that time, I procured a really cute pair of Cole Haan boots that I wore almost ALL of the time. I want to take them with me to Europe, but the toe is a bit scuffed and there are two nicks in the back.

    I'm thinking about replacing them, but I'm wondering if you guys think they're worth saving. I mean I don't want to toss a pair of $400 boots, but I don't want to wear stanky looking ones either. I'm thinking about these: and then putting leather protector on them, but I'm not sure.

  2. My advice - take them to a cobbler and see how "salvageable" they are. If the cobbler (make sure you go to a good one that deals regularly with expensive footwear) says they are not fixable then I'd go ahead and replace them. Boots are a classic staple so you will get lots of use out of them.
    Currently on ebay there are some great deals on designer boots because not many people are boot shopping in July :smile:
    Good luck!
  3. If you have the money, I would just go ahead and buy them. Everything in Europe is more expensive. Riding boots are a fashion staple I couldn't go without.
  4. I'm a boot-a-holic so I say take them too a cobbler. If there is just some scuffing and a couple of nicks out of the back, they can def. fix that.

    Also, I agree with confusionmonkey. Get the new boots before you go to Europe. You will likely pay 3 times as much there.
  5. Thanks girls. I think I'm going to get the old ones repaired because I do really like them (can't beat Nike Air boots!)....but I did go ahead and buy these I'm pretty happy I got them...and I could justify spending $150 on boots over $280....although Cole Haan is having a great sale if anyone is interested!