Get my makeup done

  1. If i want to go to MAC or Bobbi brown and get my makeup done, how much will it cost? or i heard they just make you buy makeup from them?
  2. From what I've heard, I'm pretty sure it's free. But you might have to buy something, I'm not sure.
  3. I know MAC's policy used to be that you had to buy $50 in products to get a makeover from them, but I'm not sure if that's still the deal now. Clinique and Estee Lauder do it for free I think.
  4. I've had my makeup done by MAC in the past and it was free. But that was perhaps 2 years ago so I don't know if it's changed. I did tip the girl who did it. She was my regular SA there.
  5. It's free, but I think you're obligated to buy 2 products. I think it was Bendel's that used to have a house make-up artist which was the coolest, because she used products from a variety of lines so you got the best of everything, not just one line's products. Maybe other stores offer the same kind of thing.
  6. i went with a friend for her wedding makeup trial at a MAC counter. they didn't charge, but she did buy all the makeup they used.

    that's pretty standard, at least where i live. free makeover, buy the products you like.
  7. at my MAC its 40 bucks of products
  8. Call ahead and reserve a time and ask. I'd ask is their any fees associated w/ a make-over?
    I'm sure you'll want to buy so it probably won't be a big deal . .
    I went to Bobbi Brown about a month before my wedding for some tips and got a makeover and ended up buying everything she used except maybe 2 products which I already had.
    I wasn't charged for the makeover but maybe because I bought everything!?
    I HIGHLY recommend both lines, but I prefer BB over MAC slightly.
  9. MAC did mine free and no pressure to buy
  10. It's supposed to be free at Bobbi Brown, but some counters ask a minimum purchase of 2 or 3 products. I agree to call ahead and book an appointment.
  11. mac did mine for free, they never indicated that i would be expected to buy a minimum. i did by over $100 of product, though.
  12. thank you everyone!!
  13. Here in canada i was told its free they just ask that you spend 40$ in product.
  14. Another question, which brand is the best to go to, when I want makeup like Jennifer Lopez that bronze skin and the bronze eyes and nude lips. I think mac can still do it well? What she does for the award shows because my skin is similar and my complexion
  15. both lines can achieve the results you want. I use a nude from both and both are FAB!
    Bobbi Brown has a rep for achieving that look, she has a very natural approach to make up.
    MAC is more pigmented so a little goes a long way, sometimes their high pigmented colors freak people out a bit I think.