Get Jasmin now or keep saving for Tobago?

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  1. Heres the situation: I don't have any LV bags that I can take out in the rain...I have the baggy pm and the monogram speedy 30. Right now the only bag I have that I can take out in the rain is my Dooney and Bourke Barrel Bag, which I don't even like that much. Here in Vancouver we've been having heavy rain and it rains almost everyday now that its winter.

    So an epi like the Jasmin would be ideal for a rain bag, however, the only colour I would go for now is the Cannelle, and no one I know likes that colour and people say its a boring colour. So I was thinking about waiting to see what the next epi colour will be to see if its nice, because I'd hate to settle for one colour and have a new colour that I love come out next! By the time a new epi colour comes out winter will probably be over though.

    So should I tough it out through the winter and just carry my one dooney bag? I also want to save up for the yellow Tobago Carryall because there is only one left in Vancouver and its limited. So should I keep saving for the Tobago or settle for the Jasmin?

    Another thing is that I want to buy the Damier Azur Speedy 25 in the Spring, so I'm not sure if that would be too many handbags for me if I get the Jasmin, because in general I prefer shoulder bags...but for the epi line I'm set on Jasmin because thats my favorite style in epi.
  2. Since you don't sound like you love the Cannelle too much yourself, I'll save for the Tobago Carryall but this is not an everyday bag, what about the Tobago shoebag?
  3. The question is do you like the color? Buy what you love:heart:
  4.'ll thank yourself you did..:nuts:
  5. For the tobago, I'm set on the carryall. However I probably wont use it often because its a luggage piece. Thanks for replying.
  6. I think you know what you want but just need validation. It seems like you really want the Tobago carryall and the Damier Azur Speedy 25. so save for something you really want and let the old Dooney and Bourke Barrel Bag suffer in the rain because the jasmin is still a louis vuitton and you wouldn't want to ruin any louis vuitton in the rain... hope that helps!
  7. I would save for the carryall ....I have the tobago shoe bag and it is such a great bag...the epi will be around for a while;)
  8. How often will be able to use the tobago keepall? Are you only getting it because it's limited or are you actually planning on using it? I would say, get something that you will get A LOT of use out of!
  9. tobago if you're going to use it. Otherwise buy what you're going to get the most use out of :smile:
  10. Because its limited AND its gorgeous! :drool: Probably not that practical though. :sad: But I can't imagine a better looking luggage piece coming along and I have no luggage pieces.
  11. I think it's better to buy something that you will use a lot. I mean if you have lots of money then I guess you can buy something less practical.

    I am going to get a luggage piece, not just for travelling. But I'm gonna use it for a gym bag too. LOL!

    BTW, for the tobago shoe bag - is there any other purposes other than carrying shoes? can we use it for something else?

  12. I have the shoe bag and use it as a tote ... it is a HUGE bag but the leather is so nice;)
  13. oooo.. i just thought buying a bag just for shoes is a bit useless.. but if we can use it for something else, then it's a different story. LOL!
  14. I love the tobago, but I agree with Irene if you can't really use, then why get it. Jasmin is a good versitile bag. If cannelle doesn't appeal to you (Idon't really like it either) what about red or black good versitile color...and I know there is still some myrtilles available. :smile:
  15. I definately don't want black and I've tried on the the red and blue and I liked the cannelle the best.:idea: