Get it while you can!!

  1. Yesterday I had the urge to call around the Coach outlets & try to find the scarf print large hobo...I called several outlets before a very nice SA named Kara helped me. She did a search on the computer & all the scarf print hobos are sold out among Coach. So, the only way to find it now is to get it at a department store. I saw a young teen wearing one at the mall & I wanted to push her down & snatch it. Just Kidding..I could never do that. Hopefully I will find one this week when I go to Springfield Mall.

    Just giving everyone a heads up just incase you were waiting for the hobo to go to your outlet. Best bet would be paying full retail at Macys or L&T.
  2. Springfield Mall's Macys has the scarf print tote (large and med) last weekend. I would try Tysons, they prolly have some left in one of the dept. stores :smile: GL!
  3. Push her ! You can outrun her ! :graucho:

    That's sad to hear about the tote.. there's also eBay for the brave.
  4. It should go on sale really soon. I know though that department stores are slower to put stuff on sale. I was just at the KOP mall and saw the Bee line on sale and that's it.
  5. "I saw a young teen wearing one at the mall & I wanted to push her down & snatch it. "

    I've always imagine doing that... just for the bag, and throw everything inside the bag back at her. :sweatdrop: the bags have made me mad!!!!
  6. LOL my friend is getting it for me, he called Macys in Springfield & they said they had the large hobo in so he drove 30 mins (during his lunch break) to get it for me. He got there & Macys didn't even have it so he raised h*ll. He went there last week & got me a Coach checkbook, when he was asking her if they had any (they weren't on display) she's didn't even know what a checkbook was. How can you work in the handbag dept. & not know that so he had to explain to her. But anyways, today he spoke to the manager & complained so he is getting 20% off the bag & a purse shaper that goes in the purse & it's full of beans LOL hard to explain. He also told them to make sure it comes with a dust bag. The bag should be mine tomorrow. YEAH!!!
  7. What a great friend! Congrats on the bag! Wear it in good health.
  8. Wait, so did your friend get hte scarf print bag in the end? I read that Macy's didn't have it...
  9. They ordered it from another Macys & having it shipped to springfield Macys overnight. So, he will pick it up tomorrow. It was the stores mistake b/c he called ahead to make sure they had it & the SA said they did & he made that trip to realize that they didn't have it. Where did you hear Macys didn't have it? They have the smaller hobos on display, but the larger hobos, they had to order from another Macys.
  10. I see. The way I read it Macy's said they had it but when he went there they didn't have it but then in the end they have it again so I got confused. LOL.

    You got additional % off - good deal!
  11. LOL Yeah I guess it was kinda confusing. This might be worded better...They didn't have it (in store) even though they said they did when he spoke to them on the phone, so another Macys is overnighting it to Springfield.

    Yes I was so happy to hear about the 20% off..I didn't know they would do something like that.
  12. That's great news though! Congrats! Post pics when you get it!!!
  13. Update: Disappointed....they ordered the wrong bag!!! I'm sorry but some people shouldn't be working in the handbag dept. if they don't know anything about them.
  14. WHA!? :wtf: What bag did they order for you? My gosh! I hope they still actually have it and it's a mistake!
  15. They ordered the large scarf print tote friend bought the tote but honestly I don't like it b/c it's practically under my arm & it has a light colored suede bottom. I'm taking it back this weekend...I guess I'll have to get something from the new collection.

    The scarf print & indigo patchwork are on sale at dept. stores so if they do have the large hobo at another Macys they won't transfer b/c it's a sale item. But I did manage to track one down for full price this morning, so I'm debating on getting the hobo or get something from the new legacy line. I mean if I still want it in a couple months it's price will hopefully lower on ebay.