Get It While It's Hot - Hayden-Harnett

  1. OMG! Must resist! I don't know if I can!:nuts:
  2. Thanks for the link! I just bought the Ana frame bag and have no idea what it is! For $65.00! I bought a tassel too!
  3. toni - you are funny - and you will love your bag, practically guaranteed! I don't know what HH is doing, but I'm all for it! I didn't need another white bag - I have the Havana Hobo in chalk white - but $85.00??? OMG! Their leather is so TDF, it's a no-brainer!!!
  4. Wow there are some AMAZING deals! thanks for posting!
  5. I just went back to the site to get some more bags...they're $200 now!
  6. ^the saddle Ana is still $65.00 -- and the saddle and white Inkas are still $85 - I already have a saddle Inka ... well, that's it, off to bed for me!

    Good luck ladies!
  7. i...must....resist. i want an inka soo badly, actually i wouldn't mind the Havana hobo either, except it's sooo big. decisions decisions.....

    ohh yeah for your die-hard HH fans out there, is the big clip on the inka hard to maneuver? i would hate to not be able to unclip it on time to catch the train everyday. any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Thanks for posting the link. I just got the mimi and mercer at like 70-80% off:yahoo:

    I was supposed to be on a purse ban after the Neiman Marcus, LP, and JY blow outs, but these prices were way too good to pass up.
  9. THANK YOU!!! I Just got the white !
  10. FABULOUS DEALS!!!! I got the INKA in Saddle and the SALINA pouch in amethyst.
  11. OMG... the hubby is so going to kill me! lol
    This is what i purchased (figured what I didn't want would make great Christmas gifts at those prices!)
    Inka in Saddle
    Gaza Luxe hobo in Taupe
    Triple compartment in Currant, Indigo W/Patent Trim, and Blush
    Salina Pouch in luggage
    Ana Frame in Saddle

    All for the amazing total of $585.80 I can't believe it!!!
  12. I'm seriously going to have to boycott this site. *sigh* I just went on a no-buy... but who can resist a Mercer Triple -C for $86 and no s/h? LOVE it. Thanks for posting!
  13. o man. o man. o man. If I said anything about a ban yesterday, I take it back.

    India ink: Thank you. I held off on getting a white bag...but I sure jumped all over the Inka =)