"Get In Line" Eyeliner and Stencil kit

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  1. I did a search and no results came up. Has anyone on here tried it yet?
    I'm a total klutz when it comes to doing my eyeliner. I could do it, but it just doesn't come out how I want it to. And don't even get me started on smoky eyes. I always wind up looking like a raccoon. So anyways, this stencil thing seems like a total lifesaver. But does it actually work? I mean like how can everyone's eye benefit from the same set of stencils KWIM??
    Im so tempted to try it but I dont want it wind up being chucked into a drawer.

    Many thanks!

    erm, here's the webbie in cause u wanna check it out: http://www.bettesboutique.com/shopping/index.php/page/product/product_id/3
  2. i can't imagine how this would work everyone eyes are different shapes.
    but if you try it be sure to let us know.
  3. this has gotten very mixed reviews on make-up alley--some love it, some hate it.

    i first found out about this when i saw a video of someone using this on their blog. it was awhile back so i can't find the original post, but this is the video.

    i hope this helps you in making your purchase decision! :flowers:

  4. ^I'm sorry, but that looks ridiculous..... That one stencil is practically my entire eye (I'm asian) LOL! Not only will it not work on most asian people, I'd like to see a close-up of all the mistakes and smudges around her eyes lol
  5. i would end up poking my eye with the stencils :P i didnt think it looked that bad though... :shrugs:
  6. I'm wondering how that lady even knows who Amy Winehouse is :shrugs:

    But what I mainly want to know is how the powder doesn't fall all over and smudge, like underneath the stencil :confused1:
  7. exactly! this is what Im wondering too! how can it work on everyone's eyes cause the stencils seems pretty wide!

    well...1 of her eye is ok...but her first eye was kinda badly done...maybe I'll go search for more vids.

    Lol!!! plus, erm, I dont really wanna get the Amy Winehouse look, kwim? she shld have used someone else as a reference.

    Hmm..i actually dont really care too much about the powder, i was thinking i might get some other brand products. its mostly the stencil im interested in cause I have really shaky hands