Get H bag via intimidation?

  1. Went to H yesterday to get myself a pair of ear studs :love::love: and met with the rudest thing ever!! She was so rude I hope she never gets her H bag.

    This lady (the mean thing) entered the shop asking to buy a raincoat and proceeded to ask about Birkins. As usual, the SA explained about the closed wait list but before the SA could finish, the mean thing went on to say," Yah, yah, you said that the last time. This cannot be. I've my name on the waiting list for over a year and nothing. Don't think I do not know what you people are doing. You are giving the bags to the same usual people. I'm telling you now, what you are doing is not right. Something is wrong, something is wrong." And she said it in the nastiest tone ever.

    The poor SA was so shocked :wtf: she could only force a smile. Upon regaining her composure, she tried to explain but was brushed off by the mean thing who walked away and said," Show me that wallet!" as she pointed to a Bearn. She took a quick look at it, gave it back to the SA and said, "Please remember that I'm still waiting for my bag." And she walked out.

    Is it me or is she throughly rude?? :sad:
  2. Terribly rude. Was this at Liat?
  3. Oh, and what about the ear studs???
  4. Sure she was rude..."no excuse", but in the scope of it...I feel her pain and frustration!

    I, too, am birkinless.
  5. Hey! You didn't happen to walk into the New York store did you? Happens every five minutes in that store!

    New York is full of prima donnas.
  6. No, at Taka.
  7. Oooohhhhh that? Is the best part:p, I totally love it!:heart: I got the one with the sort of a 3D "H", pale pink enamel and rose gold.
  8. But that's so sad. Getting an H bag is always a fantastic and exciting experience for me.....
    The wait, the call, the reveal, the smell...... Nothing negative, always with good feelings :tender:.
  9. Buy raincoat then ask for a birkin? :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    The way she asked the SA to show her wallet, that was so mean & nasty! :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:

    I agree with you, Tricia, people like her don't deserve to get bags from the store.
  10. Yes, that should be the case. But for some people their pride is so wounded when they can't get a hold of a Birkin. Anyway, I don't have to tell you they usually don't get one with that attitude.
  11. Wow that was really "in your face" :nuts: and I bet you must have been shocked thoroughly too :nuts:
  12. I would have turned my head and hid...I would have felt awful! (I don't live my life like that and I don't care to hear it from someone else)

    I am on a list that will be eternally there...I know that! They just took my name to make me feel better.
  13. She must have been very young.......sounds a bit like my teen when she can't have what she wants.
  14. You bet I was! I now regret not speaking up or even tell her that I had indeed waited 2 years for my first Birkin. Too shocked to react indeed :shocked:.
  15. Oh what a rude "lady" she doesn't deserve a Birkin. That SA should & Probably will slip in a few names in front of hers now :yahoo: