Get FAKE and Seller refuse to respond. ADVISE PLS!

  1. A friend of mine bought a bag off-ebay and turns out it was a fake bag after it's being paid and all that!! She paid the seller via bank transfer and since it was done outside ebay, it's impossible to get back her money through ebay obviously. So, she emailed the seller that she will report the seller to the police with all the bank details. Do you think police will be able to help her in this case?

    The only info that she got from the seller is only her bank's account info. She doubts that the seller is using her real name. Fake phone numbers and return address (after being checked)... What to do? Anyone has tried to report this case to the police and succeeded to get the money back? It's about $1000. After numerous 'threats', the seller didn't respond to any of her email at all.. she's still in a daze and don't know what to do now... Do you think police is willing to investigate the case base on the bank account detail itself? :shrugs:

    TIA, Ladies :yes:
  2. You can suggest her to find details of other buyers of this seller form Ebay. Ask them if they have the same situation and request for their help.

    I happened a similar event as a poor seller didn't post an item to me for 3 months after my payment. I, then found other buyers who were treated liked me from her record. Someone have her address and we all gave warnings to her for forcing her to post or return money asap, otherwise we call police . She felt shame and posted the item to me within a week.

    Such sellers must be SCARED or PUNISHED !!!
  3. Always ALWAYS, use paypal. If the seller wont except paypal they are likely a SCAM.
  4. Have you tried contacting the bank? If it's a bank to bank transfer between two reputable banks maybe they can help since it involves counterfeit merchandise. You might have the person's real name since they need to present ID to claim the funds unless they have several aliases which would even be of more interest to them. Also file mailfraud at your local PO even if it's the wrong address. Atleast for the record it'll show the address she claims to be hers is not (they'll send a warning to that address), then call the seller's local police dept, but they may instruct you to file with your own local PD and they go from there (I've heard it done both ways with mail order fraud). Just keep all the e-mails, box & documentation. Since this was not an ebay auction, where did she find this seller?
  5. Most likely she is SOL unless you have a solid paper trail.
  6. Perek - I dont use paypal on my auctions and I am really honest! I do understand what you mean though.
  7. I had a problem like that but through ioffer. I contacted the police in the sellers area & they told me it was a civil case & they could not do anything to help me. Also once a bank transfer is complete there is no going back. That is why most sellers that are scammers will only accept payment methods that can not be disputed.
    Sorry to say but ebay will not help her at all since the transaction was done outside of ebay. They will not give any of the sellers info or even respond to emails about the problem.

    Is your friend in the US?