Get excited with me - I'm adopting a GSD!!!

  1. Yes. After months of procrastination, research into breeds, deliberation over whether to get a puppy (aahh) or an older dog, today I reserved a beautiful 5yr old German Shepherd *****! :yahoo:

    Today, I took my kids (well, 22 and 18yr old) to the RSPCA "just to look and maybe get a better idea of what I am looking for. No, we will not choose one today so don't get excited kids". Hmmmm. We spent ages looking at all the sad little faces - it was heartbreaking - but I kept coming back to a GSD called Crystal (gonna change that - sounds like a porn star!). She looked gorgeous and her 'profile' said she was "calm, gentle, affectionate, fine with strangers/other dogs and could be left for up to 4 hours."

    We asked the staff for more details and they all said she was a really lovely dog, so we took her for a long walk and just got to know her. She was exactly as the profile had described and more! She was fairly good on the lead, tugged a bit, but when I corrected her she instantly looked up at me and came to heel. This will need work but not a lot.

    We have now reserved her, subject to the home visit, and will take her home in 12 days (after a stupid Sales Conference I have to attend on the 18th - 20th and can't get out of). They are happy for us to pick her up the day after I get back on the Friday. :heart:

    I am sooooooooooooo excited. I have had dogs before, but not a GSD. But I have ALWAYS wanted one. My Grandparents had them so I was around them as I was growing up.

    Only downside is my boyfriend, who thinks I am daft getting an older dog - "all the trouble of a dog without the fun of a puppy" - he said. We don't live together, but we have been a couple for over 6 years. He is not a dog-lover and he just doesn't 'get it' that I feel a void without a dog in my life.

    Ah well, not going to let that spoil my enjoyment.

    I would love to hear from anyone who owns/has owned a GSD. Any tips/advice you would like to pass on?

    But please, all rejoice with me that I am soon to get a new addition to my life :yahoo:
  2. We have adopted several older dogs and never regretted a single one. You have none of the puppy problems! Many mature dogs are still playful, but they know what to chew or toss around and what to leave alone. Then they take a nap. give me an older dog any day.

    and think about the good deed you are doing for this dog--giving her a forever home. The mature dogs deserve that just as much as the puppies.
  3. Oh I agree with you totally. And I've had dogs from pups and others from older - 2 ex-racing greyhounds and one 10month old Staffy, from a private adoption. Each have their pros and cons, but I feel this is right for me at this time in my life.

    I will post photos soon. I am going to see her again tomorrow so may get a few pics then.

    I think I love her already :love:
  4. They are fabulous dogs!!

    Congrats...I can't wait to see pics!
  5. You chose a great dog! Congrats & I can't wait to see pics!
  6. OH I am so exited for you! We adopted a german shepherd female when she was 2 yrs old. She is now 11 and is amazing! She is brilliant and sweet and loyal. We also now have a 6 month old pup (non GSD) and she is almost embarrassed to be around the pup, because his manners are NOT yet up to snuff! German Shepherds love their "people" and must be around their family. They need to feel they are "working" to keep you safe. If she is an inside dog, this may include walking ahead of you into rooms,or when you are going up and down stairs etc. This is not dominant behavior. She is just making sure their are not predators waiting for you! She is at work!
    Enjoy your new baby and post pictures soon! I'll try to post a picture of mine,but she is oddly camera phobic and I have to really surprise her to get a good one.
  7. Congrats!!! Good for you for doing so much research to make sure it was a good "fit", and for adopting-- you have just changed the life of that sweet animal :tender: And they will be loyal to you forever for it. I can't wait to see pictures of your new GSD! :yahoo:
  8. Older pets do make good choices. I have adopted older cats, rabbits and dogs, not all at the same time, of course. You can teach an old dog new tricks or manners and it is not nearly as difficult as training a puppy who has the attention span of about 3 seconds.
    German Shepards are great dogs and loving dispositions. I had one a long time ago and she was sweet, gentle and well-mannered.
    Good luck with your new family member!

  9. ITA! :tup:

    They don't stay puppies for long, but it can be pretty stressful while they are! :sweatdrop:

    My mum and I had a GSD, when I was a teenager and he was a lovely, caring, dog. :heart::heart::heart:

    Congrats, thelace, I'm sure you won't regret rescuing her! :smile:
  10. I think that GSD are the most beautiful and elegant of dogs. Congratulations!
  11. How exciting! I am so happy for you and your sweet new family member. Enjoy your new life together!
  12. Thank you for all your replies.

    We spent the afternoon with Crystal - walking and just hanging out together in a field. She was so good - flopped down on the grass and rolled onto her back, letting us pet and fuss her. She is like a cuddly bear :heart:

    I am very interested in this you said sellmysoul:

    I was having a bit of a battle with this today. Having been an ardent follower of Cesar Millan, this goes against everything he says. As you mentioned, it is usually viewed as dominant behaviour. Can you expand on this a little more please - is this common knowledge among GSD owners?

    Anyway. Enough talk. Here are some pics from this afternoon!! :yahoo:
    09-09-07Crystal stand resize.jpg 09-09-07Crystal2 resize.jpg 09-09-07crystal resize.jpg 09-09-07Crystal sit resize.jpg 09-09-07 crystal look resize.jpg
  13. Beautiful girl you have there - those doleful, loving eyes!!! :love:
  14. OH Thelace, Crystal is beautiful! She reminds me of me girl "Rika" when she was quite a bit younger!
    You know I am really no dog expert, so I certainly would be afraid to refute Caesar Milan! I just feel like I know my dog. Everything I've read that is breed specific to German Shepherds seems to stress the dog's desire to be "at work" serving you. A GHD left alone or tied up outside all day may develop anxious/aggressive tendencies out of sheer frustration and boredom.
    My Rika came to us so well trained, most of the work was done. We took an obedience class simply to strengthen our relationship/bond. I was concerned that in adopting an adult dog, we would miss out on crucial "Mom"/Puppy bonding. I did not find this to be the case at all in reality!
    She was a breeze compared to the pup I'm raising now!
    Anyway, as far as her circling, herding behavior of me, I guess I could have attempted to curb it , but to be honest I didn't feel the need. Caesar may not approve of it but I just felt it was her personality. I have never had a moment's concern about dominant behavior on her part. It just has never happened. In fact she can be ridiculously submissive!
    I am just so excited for you! I truly believe GHD's are the BEST! (The golden doodle pup was at my daughter's request for her birthday. Naturally, its really my dog now! He's a goof ball and a love, but my Rika is just well,.. regal!)
    Once you bring your girl home and she's had time to settle in, try to objectively observe your dogs tendencies with herding you. You may decide she needs a little work in correcting these behaviors or you may decide she's fine the way she is and not disrupting your movement around the house.
    These days, I can't move one inch in my home, with out two huge dogs with me every step! ( and I wouldnt have it any other way!) Good luck and let us know how everything goes!
  15. Congrats, that is so very exciting!