Get em while they're HOT! OLYMPE, MAHNIA TREVI

  1. On Eluxury, Both the colors for the olympe are available on the site :smile:

  2. whoooaa waitlist stuff in elux, snatch it up PFers!!!
  3. Also the older olympe is on there too!
  4. Olympe PM just SOLD out!
  5. That Trevi is HOT.
  6. Aww.. The info I have been dying waiting for :nuts: Thanks :heart:
  7. Elux's has the Nimbus PM's and my boutique still doesnt! :sad:
    I lovvvee the Mahina !
  8. The LV in NYC on 57th St still had a few unsold Nimbuses (Nimbi?) both PM and GM. I wonder if you could do a charge-send Kaiie.
  9. I would really liek to see a modeling pic of Nimbus PM...anyone know where one is?
  10. Really?? For once my store beat another store! :wtf:

    Nimbus PM back in stock now...
  11. OMG I love the Mahina.
  12. Thank Goodness I'm a Cash Only girl!
    If I had a credit card in my hands right now I would be at elux in a flash ordering both the Mahnia and Trevia (and crying later trying to pay off the debt .. lol!)
  13. Saw the Mahina at the botique. Love it! It's just soooo large but wow I'm in love. Loving the Trevi and the new color of the cloud bags too. There's just too much this season!
  14. mmm trevi
  15. gah. i missed the mahina and trevi. T_T