Get calls from ebay?

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  1. Has anyone ever gotten a phone call from eBay asking for your user id and current listings? The man on the phone said it was to verify that the phone number i signed up with was accurate. I just wanted to see if it was legit? Next time im going to hang up just because from all the things i hear about eBay these days its scary. Hopefully it was okay.
  2. I've not heard that one before, but I guess it is possible. A friend of mine had where they call you with a code you had to enter to verify.
  3. i got email saying i missed their call....i am not sure too... let us know what happen:tup:
  4. I've gotten calls from them, but never asking for my eBay ID. They've called me to remind me about promotions and stuff and they always already have my Ebay ID. Sounds like you may be getting called from someone trying to get information. I'd be wary of those calls!
  5. I've had several call that were prerecorded messages where they addressed me by my ebay ID and then launched into a soft sell on how I could improve traffic/sales blahblahblah and where on the ebay website I could find further information, but never a live person calling to ask me info.

    I agree with those that have said that it sounds off. You could always call/contact ebay to see if they have called you and why.
  6. I would not give that info to anyone over the phone...I would ask them for the number and google it to see if it is legit.
  7. Wow, I can't believe ebay calls people. Definitely sounds sketchy! I wouldn't give out any of my info over the phone.
  8. As long as they don't ask for your Ebay password, your social security number, credit card number or bank account number then it's probably okay. If they ask for anything like that, hang up!

    I've gotten calls from Ebay before. I changed my contact number to my cell number so they wouldn't call us at home. I had a message a couple of weeks ago about something to do with the PowerSellers program, but I don't remember what it was about.
  9. I've never received their call. I guess I am not a big seller to them. LOL!
  10. I have had calls before for survey's --- PAID (yipee!!) and other follow ups to questions that I had submitted. Never gotten a call asking for my ID and listing though...
  11. You can opt out of calls under various preference sections under your ebay account. I have totally opted out of calls.

  12. They didnt ask me any of that stuff thank god! They only asked my id and things im selling. I contacted eBay LiveHelp just because i was kinda freaked out that some random guy presumably from ebay contacted me and they said it might have been their Trust & Safety department confirming my phone number???

    Who knows. I'm just going to try to find that preference in ebay that opts you out of calls!
  13. Same here!!
  14. sounds weird, I wouldnt like that. I would ask them to send a mesage throught the messaging system before they call to confirm it is legit
  15. I've got calls before, but they were just telling me about specials going on and in the message they did say my user id. I've yet to speak to anyone they have called when I was at work