Get another cat to keep my kitty company?

  1. Hi everyone, would appreciate some advice!

    When I got my kitty, I was living with 3 other roommates in a 4 bedroom apartment. We all pay a lot of attention to him, he's used to have lots of people around.

    I'm worried that he'll be lonely when I move to Chicago, where I'll live alone. Should I get another kitty to keep him company? He's a 1 year old neutered male. I was thinking of getting a female kitten so he won't feel threatened or competitive.

    I've been advised by several friends that this is a good idea because they can entertain each other, keep one another company. I'm just so worried about my cat being lonely.

    Thanks for your opinion.
  2. Yay, more kitties! :heart:

    I have two cats, a male and female, from the same litter. I adopted them at the same time, and they definitely keep each other company. They love to play together, and often times they'll nap right beside each other :smile:

    As long as you don't mind the increased costs of owning two pets (double the food, litter, toys, vet bills, etc.), then I think it's a great idea.

    When you move to Chicago, I would first see how your kitty adjusts to being alone more often, then decide whether or not you should get another cat. Also, just make sure you pay attention to both of them, so your cat won't feel left out or jealous with the new kitty around.

    I'm so glad I adopted both of mine. It wouldn't be the same without both of them! :heart:
  3. A few things to consider are 1. you're not guaranteed to have them be friends, often they just learn to coexist (and often they do become friends) and 2. it can be a very long and stressful process.

    First I had two cats - mom & son so no introductions necessary. Then we added a kitten, a long process, but they all became very friendly and close to each other. The son died, and almost two years after he passed away, we decided to introduce another new kitten... that process was also very long and they now tolerate each other but you rarely see all three cuddling together. And even four years since he's been here, they will fight. My mom was a stay at home mom so she had a lot of time to spend making sure the kittens were exposed for short frequent amounts of time to the other cats and there all day to make sure all went well. However, this last round she vowed never to do it again.

    Might want to do some reseach, here's one description of what to do: Introducing Pets to a New Cat

    Also, my vet said it is often easier if they are of the same sex. So might want to look for another male cat instead. But ultimately it will depend on the natural dispositions of the cats and how you go about introducing them to each other.
  4. I agree with cristina about making sure your cat adjusts when you move to Chicago. Then decide whether you want a 2nd cat.

    When I had a roommate we had one cat (adult, adopted from the humane society) and a few years later after we moved into a larger condo (we were renting) we got a 2nd one from the Humane Society, a 6 week old kitten (both cats were female). We had to keep them separated for a long time b/c the kitten was so tiny and we had her spayed so her tummy needed to heal, etc. Luckily we had dual master suites in our condo so it was pretty easy to keep separate. They got along OK after awhile, but it was a stressful process. We didn't like keeping them in separate bathrooms all day while we were at work but we also didn't want to worry about what they might do to eachother if left alone either.

    Sorry this was long: it was fun having 2, but took a lot more adjusting than I had anticipated.
  5. Thanks for the article, Blue!
  6. I am actually having alot of issues with my 10 year old dog and my new puppy..the puppy BULLIES the heck out of my older lazy dog...Its so hard...we go to dog training EVERY week..hes a rebel...MAKE SURE they get along first...its so important..I thought 2 dogs of the same breed would be fine...errrrr.NOT!!
    Cats are indeed just be careful and pick the new one out CAREFULLY..when I got my puppy..I "interviewed him "LOL! for several hours..I knew he was spunky..but I had to have him...ITS ALOT OF WORK.... make sure when you are introducing a new pet in to your household that you are there in the beginning ALOT.its very time consuming and introducing a new pet takes alot of time and patience.
  7. I just wanted to add that for me I couldn't have had more than one pet without my roomie. Between extra vet trips, splitting bills, etc it would have been a hardship for me on my own.
  8. I'd definitely wait and see how your cat reacts to Chicago apartment life before getting another kitten. I had the same thought about my cat a few years ago - I was spending too much time away from the apartment, she probably wanted a companion, etc. I got a little female kitten to keep her company and quickly found out that my older cat did NOT want company, at least not that particular kitten for company! I went through 9 months of pandemonium, constant cat fights, injuries to my older cat, who was declawed...eventually my older cat stopped eating because she was so terrified of being attacked by the kitten. I had to find the kitten (now a cat) a new home on the advice of my vet. It was an expensive lesson to learn, both money-wise (I spent hundreds on vet bills to get the new kitten, who'd been a stray, dewormed, spayed, vaccinated, etc) and emotionally (I felt just terrible about giving the kitten away, it still makes me sad). Your introduction of a new cat into your home will most likely go better than my experience of course! But just realize that the worst case scenario could entail a lot of work and stress. I'd wait and see if your current cat is really jonesing for company before getting another pet!
  9. Hmm...has your cat been around other cats/animals before? How does he react to them? DH has a neutered male cat that hates other animals. He hates my dog and when my cat was introduced to him before, he hated her, too. :sad: After attempting to have them coexist for a year, DH decided my cat had to go to a new home. They hated each other and my cat started to develop behavioral problems similar to the ones twiggers experienced with her cat. His cat would attack my cat and my cat would get back at him when he was asleep(would suddenly pounce on him and attack the crap out of him and then ran into my arms for protection). Definitely be sure that your cat wants feline company before getting another cat. Maybe you can introduce him to your friends' pets first to see how he reacts first. If he reacts well, then choose a friendly companion for him(one that also loves other animals). :yes:

    Good luck!:flowers:
  10. Thanks for the advice, everyone.

    My cat is a big attention-brat! When we don't pay attention to him, he wanders around the house yowling at the top of his lungs until one of us comes out and plays with him. He looooves to play with balls... he plays fetch like a dog!

    I just can't imagine him not being lonely... and I'm not sure if I'll be able to tell if he is lonely in Chicago!
  11. He was at the SPCA with other cats when I got him. Also, he's been introduced my to my parents' cat. My parents' cat hated my poor little guy, but my kitty wasn't at all aggressive or nasty or anything. He just kinda minded his own business.
  12. I have three dogs and two cats. I definitely feel that pets identify with their own species. What I mean is, dogs love us human moms, but they need their own kind too.... to play with and hang out with and just exist with. Same with cats, IMO. It would make me sad to think that my dogs or cats would be home alone without each other.

    That's not to say that it has been smooth sailing. We have defintely had our ups and downs. My one dog, a rescue, absolutely sets the tone for the household and all my other pets have had to make sacrifices in terms of territory, eating habits, etc. but all in all I think it works.

    If you can afford another cat or kitten I think that is wonderful. You would be offering your baby a brother or sister and giving another kitty a loving home. It may take time to make the adjustment, but in the end, I think the reward will be priceless.
  13. Your little kitty sounds so sweet! In that case, I would pick out a very friendly sweet companion for him. I've seen lots of cats at the SPCA that love the company of other cats. A cat like that would be a great choice!:yes:
  14. Hello,
    I would recommend perhaps fostering another cat/kitten once you arrive in Chicago. This way you can test the waters and it's only temporary.
    I have a couple of cats adopted from shelters and they get along perfectly. I just got a Westie from the shelter too and fortunately they all get along!
    Good luck
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  15. Great advice, Westiegirl.

    IntlSet, I do hope that your new kitten or cat will get along beautifully with your current cat. All the best!