Get a Prada in Australia or overseas?


Nov 10, 2013
Hi Guys

I'm from Australia- Adelaide- where there are no Prada stores.

I am looking at getting the BN2274 for Christmas.

Now I am pretty lucky and I have quite a few options avaliable to me regarding where to get it.

My brother is coming home for Christmas from the UK.

My sister is just about to come home from the US.

In 2 weeks I'll be heading to Melbourne (Australia) for a wedding.

And in Feb I am heading to Kualar Lumpar with my husband for our third "honeymoon" (I call all our holidays honeymoons haha)

I already know the model I want and the colour I want so it's a matter of where it's cheaper to buy it?


Jan 6, 2013
I am from Aus and originally was going to get it when I went to Europe earlier in the year.

You can compare the prices on the website but changing the location.

In the end it worked out to be a mere $20AUD difference so I got it here. It saved me carrying a bag around and I didn't have to worry about it.