Get a load of this

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  1. I dont know if this person was stupid...or maybe thought I was. Anywho...My bag auction was bidded up to $420 already and I get a message "buy now for 300?" I really wanted to email them back something stupid...but I contained myself. I just deleted the message.

  2. haha i hope to god they made a typo, otherwise ebayers really are getting worse!
  3. There are just sooooo many weird people out there nowadays.....good thing you contained yourself from messaging....
  4. should have said "Sure...let me just tell the bidder that bid $420 that I decided to take your offer at a $120 loss".
  5. I'm always getting people trying to make low ball offers. I try to contain myself, but sometimes I can't help responding kind of sarcastically. I think a lot of people think that they are going to get something dirt cheap. I have a brand new LV bag listed right now that would cost about $1050.00 at an LV boutique including tax. I have it listed for what I think is a reasonable price and had someone offer me a really low price for it. I just responded that my price including shipping was about $200 less than what they would pay if they bought it full price. I don't think I was being ridiculous considering it's a brand new bag that has never been carried, and that LV never goes on sale. Maybe they shouldn't be buying an LV bag... UGH!
  6. Roflmao! Did they not see the higher bid?
  7. :roflmfao: You are too funny!
    eBayers are really getting out of hand these days. I'm sorry you got such a stupid offer! I get those all the time. I think the best thing to do (although hard) is just ignore them they don't even get the satisfaction of annoying you.
  8. Well...I always am itching to respond with something stupid and sarcastic. But I'm always afraid the person will get mad and just bid on my bag and not pay for it...or cause me trouble. Sooooo i just refrain myself and laugh to myself.
  9. E-bay is a scary and odd place these days.
  10. I just wouldn't waste my time replying. So silly!
  11. Lol! Maybe they are new to ebay, and maybe hoped the seller needed the $ right away and so they will do the BIN, so no need for the auction to end, in maybe another few days?:lol: This is the only reason i can think of atm!