Get a chance today and would like to post my Birkins

  1. Just want to share my Birkins that one was purchased on ebay for bargain:nuts: and the others were gift from hubby and parents :yahoo::wlae:LOVE THEM ALL. Now I am after Gold Ostrich and maybe someday Crocodile :nuts::love:Love them all and wish I have a millions $$ in my account now. I keep reconsider to get another new bag now, maybe soon :P Guys, help me what I am doing almost every night is checking ebay or luxury zurich website :nuts: !!!
    amie004.jpg amie007.jpg amie001.jpg
  2. Beautiful collection!
  3. love the colors you chose, ! what do you feel you need/want next?
  4. LittleMe, they're beautiful!!!!:love: :love: :love:
  5. Great collection! Love the colors!
  6. very nice! I love your orange Birkin,.. more info on the orange birkin please.
  7. LOVELY!!! It that green Vert Anis???????
  8. I think so, I love this green color and the orange the most, maybe because I always love these bright colors like crazy :nuts:
  9. Very nice! What size and leather are your birkins??? they are lovely!
  10. Very, very beautiful! I love the colors and especially the toile/Box Birkin!!!!
  11. I love that Orange too, I bought it, let's see about 2 months ago off ebay. It was pre-owned and seller said the bag is in great condition, which I am glad that was true :yahoo:Oh, I actually during the whole transaction I was very stressful and worried alots as shipping was slow and seller prefered to have it off ebay, but of course, i am not that stupid enough, so paid it with paypal, i thought in case something went wrong, at least, I can somehow get my money back if I use my CC. The girl has no clue what she was doing or maybe I should say doesn;t really have appreciation on her bags, she listed several bags on ebay and all of them were underpriced, she got to be crazy. I won't sell my bags without reserve prices at all :throwup::wtf:
  12. How about want all of Hermes Birkins :nuts::P
  13. Unfortunately they are all in same size 35 cm, togo ;) I think I would be better with 30 cm. Maybe for next one :graucho:
  14. Very nice collection of Birkins! :heart: For your next Birkin, you could go for a different size..30cm, or go for goat skin instead of calf :flowers:
  15. Lovely..all of them!!!! such a beautiful collection!