Get $10 off any purchase of $65 or more at Nine West!

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  1. click on link Nine West -
    enter code NWWORK10

    or for in store purchase:

    Offer Restrictions:
    *Take $10 off any regular price purchase of $65 or more, in stores and online, only with this exclusive coupon. Offer valid through March 1, 2007. To redeem this offer online, go to and enter NWWORK10 in the promotion code field in your shopping bag. To redeem in stores, customers can simply print out this coupon and bring it to the nearest Nine West Specialty Store. One time use only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Not valid at Nine West Outlet Stores or Department Stores. Valid in U.S. only. Not redeemable for cash or credit. Not valid on gift card purchases or previous purchases. This offer may not be used by JAG associates.
  2. does this apply to Enzo too?
  3. Reading the fine print, I think it says nine west only.