Gestational Diabetes?

  1. Well, I've just been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes after "failing" both my 1 hour and 3 hour Glucose Tests. I'll be meeting with the specialists this week to learn what needs to be done. Trying real hard to stay positive and hopeful and would love to hear any advice from any of you who may have experienced this.

    Thanks in advance ladies!!!
  2. I didnt (Knock on wood) get GD during my pregnancy but I'm sorry you have to deal with GD. From what I know about it, as long as you follow the doctors diet, stay active, and have blood tests to check your blood sugar level you should be ok. GL
  3. Most likely GD will go away after you give birth! I'm going in for my test tomorrow afternoon (sorta dreading it too). With my luck, I bet I'll have it too. I'll let you know!
  4. I failed the 3 hour test with both my girls. The last time my doctor (concern about the results) put me on the GD diet. The diet wasn't too hard to follow.

    My family doctor said because I sort of had GD while pregnant it increases my chance of getting diabetes. Hence the reason I want to get my weight down so I can decrease the change of becoming diabetic.
  5. My girlfriend had GS while pregnant with her daughter and she cut out processed carbs and sugars and she was fine. She said it actually helped her not gain lots of weight, making post-natal easier...
  6. *puts on doctor hat for a second*

    Failing your glucose tolerance tests is nothing to be worried about. As the others have said, as long as you follow the diet and follow your blood sugars (fasting in the morning and after meals) you will have no problems. Tight glucose control is important because if your sugars are poorly controlled the baby can get larger than expected for its gestational age. If your sugars are not controlled with following diet, you may be started on oral diabetes meds.

    And as others have said, gestational DM increases your chances of developing diabetes later on.

    *removes hat*
  7. Thanks ladies. I've been reading everything I can about this and am not toooo worried. Just like hearing that this is all do-able by real people and that I am not alone.
  8. My niece had it during her pregnancy (her baby was born May 19). She said she checked her blood sugar levels and the diet wasn't hard to follow. It's good that your doctor is checking for this; they never used to even mention it. You and baby should be fine if you follow recommendations.

    Best wishes!
  9. I had it with my 2nd child and while it did scare me at first I met with a nutritionist and got a glucose blood testing meter and the whole program was pretty easy to follow. It did stop my weight gain and I actually felt a lot better following the diet. It's not exactly low carb (like no fruit at all) but just not a whole grapefruit at one time. I'd test my blood sugar an hour after eating and record it in a little book then would bring that in to my prenatal appointments for the doctor to check.

    Good luck. Oh, and while I was told by my doctor I should always watch my weight as now I have a higher chance of getting diabetes than the average person my daughter will not have that worry because I had gestational diabetes (hope that makes sense).
  10. Yep, I had it too. I gained way too much weight with my pregnancy and I was bit overwieght to start with, so it wasn't really a surprise to me. I too was put on the GD diet, had to watch all processed foods and carbs... but it wasn't too hard for me, luckily, I like salads and cheese and eggs... but I really did miss fruit. I had to check my BS after every meal, etc. But my DD was born just fine and very healthy and seven lbs, so I must have managed the GS well, since I didn't have to on insulin and she wasn't born big!

    Follow the diet, and you and your baby will be fine.
  11. I have nothing else to add apart from put down the timtam and step away LOL

    Take care of yourself & your little one
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