Gerorges' collection

  1. Hi there, I'm pretty new to this forum and to the whole designer bag thing!!

    My friend got me started and now I cant stop. As promised in the LV forum here are the pictures of my Keepall 55 with monogram strap, my pochette cles and my first bag - which was the armani. Enjoy.

    As I'm only a 17 year old guy still at school I obviously can't afford loads at the moment, however it's so rewarding when you finally get the item you've saved so long for.

    Bring on the next!!
    Armani copy.jpg Cles.jpg Strap.jpg Tag.jpg Keepall+Carrier.jpg Bag Group.jpg
  2. very versatile collection! and amazing for a 17-year old. thats awesome! keep saving and collecting!!
  3. why does it say RM on the luggage tag? :blink:
  4. Very cute, and we all have to start our collection somewhere ! The keepall is fab !
  5. great collection! I love the heat stamping on the luggage tag.
  6. Great collection!!!:love: Thank you for sharing and welcome to PF.:flowers:
  7. very pretty collection!
  8. Wow you're starting off with a great colleciton, thanks for sharing.
  9. Nice collection, keep up the good work :smile:
  10. Welcome to the forum Gerorges! :smile:

    The Keepall is a great bag isn't it? :yes:

    You've got a good collection going!
  11. I can't imagine what you will have in 10 years!!! My 17yo loves anime.
  12. Fantastic collection!

    Nice to see a guy with such good taste.
  13. thansk for sharing, and a good start to your collection..
  14. Great collection
  15. wow, that's an awesome collection for your age! Thanks for sharing, love the keepall btw!