German Shepherd Names and Training advice


May 7, 2010
We are thinking of getting a German Shepherd when my dbf takes a new job. He will be overseeing a lower-income community and wants the dog for on the job protection. He also thinks if trained correctly, she may be able to notify him of drug use on premises.

I know these dogs take a lot of training and experience, but he is very good with that. He can train most any puppy to sit, speak, lay down, etc on command within a few days. (Even neighborhood puppies that don't get firm consistency at home.) I'm a little less disciplined with it, but have always had well behaved dogs.

We are trying to agree on a unique and appropriate name. He doesn't want anything too feminine, but we still want something girly. (If we do get one, we will get a female and have her "fixed".)

How difficult are these dogs in relation to others? He has a lab/rot (lives with his mother) that has been trained extremely well throughout the years. We feel experienced...Hopefully we aren't wrong! haha:smile:


Aug 25, 2009
South Korea
GSD aren't your average neighborhood puppy. And for what he wants (protection, high level obedience, scenting, ect), his best bet is going to be a working line GSD. Which is definitely not your average puppy/dog. I advise you do some research on local schutzhund clubs and trainers. Go to some of their meets, talk with the trainers, handlers, meet the dogs. They can give you lots of advice and guidance on training, handling and selecting a good breeder who will place a skill appropriate dog ideal for your needs. The breeder should also be willing to help you through it, and if you join the schutzhund club, you'd have the combined support and guidance from other owners, handlers, helpers, breeders and trainers.

Also, check out a lot of GSD web forums. Both working forums (schutzhund/IPO/French Ring/PPT/Tracking, ect) and Conformation & Companion sport forums (AKC, UKC: Rally, Obedience, Agility, Conformation, ect).

And check local laws... While you can train a dog to do Narc detection on your own, some states won't allow the artificial scents needed to be purchased or used without permits/licences... And some may have laws about training the dog for personal use at all. And in the event that a dog does detect something, you need to know the proper protocols of how to handle the situation (such as calling the police and asking them to have a K9 officer verify and handle it.)