German Perfume Muelhen's 4711

  1. It's been made in Germany for over 200 years. It's supposed to be a citrusy unisex scent, kind of like the original CK One. I want to order some, but there's nowhere around here to smell it first.

    Has anyone tried it before? Thoughts? Comments? TIA!!! :heart:
  2. God I remember having that when I was a teenager but can't really remember the smell. I didn't realize its been around that long. Did you google it?
  3. ooh yeah I use to love this stuff!
    I still have a bottle so if u cant find it , I will send it to you
  4. Sorry to say that the smell of 4711 is very bad in my thought.
  5. Do not buy it!! Seriously!! If you don't have a chance to smell it first, chances are really high that you'll hate it. It's one of those scents you either love or hate and most people I know that still belong to the working part of our society HATE it.

    I'm from Germany and I work at a place selling perfumes and make-up. 4711 here in Germany is an old people's scent. If you see a person 70+ chances are super high that they'll be using 4711 as it's just such a "classic" Comparing it to CK One is really weird IMHO, yes, it's unisex, but that's about all they have in common :nogood:

    To me 4711 is one of the worst scents ever and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that it makes me gag :shame: A while ago a customer broke a 4711 bottle while paying at my counter, that smell lingered there for days. So gross.
  6. Beh, goodness gracious, this stuff stinks :push:
  7. it always reminds me of my granddad, he used to have it - and he always wore too much of it :yucky:
    don't buy it if you can't smell it before!
  8. Awwww. That's so nice! Thank you!:heart:

    I saw it on a few sites when I was looking for Labello lipbalm and I'm super curious about it now. I've read that it's citrusy, refreshing, disgusting, inoffensive, strong, better for men, better for women, good for young people and good for old people. LOL!

    I'm so confused now!!! Is there any other scent that it compares to?

  9. :nogood: that´s so stupid! OK, If you say you wear "4711" some very young people will wrinkletheirnose, but if you don´t say it is, the people will like it. Around the world are many people who love it! Some of the high priced perfumes are similar to 4711 - and nobody have the heart to to say this loud :p

    claireZk, if you need a trial, I can send it to you - perfumes always should be tested first ;)
  10. [​IMG]

    is it this one? I have a small bottle of this (can't remember where I got it) just because it is a cult BUT I would never wear it. Honestly it smells terrible, not citrusy fresh. It comes from a time when there was not much choice in perfumes...
  11. Oh I love the stuff!! Granted, I would never wear it, but my grandfather wore it. He passed away a few years ago, and I still keep a bottle to remind me of him. It's a really clean, citrus scent.