Geri Halliwell's Daughter's Christening

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  2. Lovely baby, great pics thanks Cheryl.
  3. All the ex- Spice's look GREAT! Geri's baby is BEAUTIFUL! Although her name is ridiculous. Something like Bluebell Madonna, I think?

    Thanks for posting!
  4. ya it is bluebell...

    i remember when i first saw it I thought it was "blueball"
    Madonna hahaa
    ya my friend and I had a good laugh over it
    Geri looks great, even better than her spice days
    its so hard to believe!

    Emma looks better "matured" and not as baby spice...

    Ah... I do wish they would some how do a reunion all 5 of them
  5. ahhh gorgeous piccies, it looks like that is Romeo (posh's middle child) in the blazer and he has finally had a haircut!!

    ahh Geri looks gorgeous, and Emma Bunton looks blooming too

    lovely piccies, thank you :smile:
  6. the girls look fantastic! and their babies- so adorable!

    thanks for the pics!
  7. I think it is so neat that they are still friends, after the end of the Spice Girls. The baby is adorable.
  8. aww
  9. wow, geri looks much better than ever. honestly, i found that with many women after having their first child - that is only fair....

    cute baby
  10. Bluebell and Romeo are adorable!! Romeo looks so much cuter with his hair cut!

    Love Baby Spice's hair!
  11. *sighhh!

    I miss them!!!!!!!
  12. They all look adorable
  13. [​IMG]
    Together again: Four-out-of-five of the Spice Girls (Emma, Mel C, Geri and Victoria) attended Bluebell Madonna's Christening. The only member not there was Mel B
  14. [​IMG]
    Bluebell with her Posh fairy Godmother
  15. [​IMG]
    Proud mum Geri with Bluebell

    I love this pic.