Geri Halliwell In High Waisted Jeans: What Do You Think ?

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I don't like them... she kinda looks like Steve Urkel, except these jeans fit her. :s
  3. I would like a pair. They don't look right on her flat bum.
  4. Two words: Mom Jeans. Bleh
  5. I really hope this isnt a new trend... I refuse to put anything like that on.
  6. Makes her legs look like stilts though. haha
  7. She wears some orthopedic boots underneath or what? Not very flattering. Jeans are ok, I guess. She did look worse in low-waisted anyway.
  8. is this a new english fad?
  9. probaly a new english fad
  10. Women in England and Europe have been wearing the high waisted jeans for a while now.

    Its not something I would find flattering for myself though. But Geri physically looks good.

    She is quite short so she does where alot of moonboots/shoes type of things.
  11. your right she does look good in them probaly better then the tight legged jeans.
  12. Personally I'm not a fan, she looks like Pinocchio.
    BTW looks like she lost a lot of weight.
  13. I'm not too crazy about them, but she does look better in them than most people would.
  14. I agree i couldnt see myself in them but Geri does not look that bad.
    I have seen Kate Moss in them aswell.I dont appreciate them bringing them back though.:p
  15. Sue me, I like the look.