Geri Halliwell & Her Poop Scooping/Personal Trainer/Bodyguard Hunk !

  1. [​IMG]


  2. He is doing a great job!! She looks incredible at the moment. He sure is a BIG guy isnt he lol ;)
  3. Geri is looking great!:nuts: And the hunky bodyguard isn't bad either!:graucho:
  4. LOL! food scooping dude!!!:roflmfao:
  5. honestly, she looks great - just over all her food issues. in the last pic she looks so stylish and gracious,wow! good on ya, Geri. Emma also looked really good in the other thread, good on them.
  6. I find it really funny when i see a big guy w/ a tiny dog...
  7. Wow! He's really big! I'm 4'11 and probably 100lbs. I would like to stand beside him!:biggrin:

  8. LOL! Especially that big of a guy!! LOL
  9. Wow, that's an intimidating trainer/bodyguard.
  10. hee hee, maybe the celebs ask for the largest available trainer to make them look even smaller ;)
  11. She looks fantastic!
  12. She looks great! I love her hair.
  13. Cute dog! lol
  14. Wow she looks so good at the moment. Really trim. What do you think she's been doing? :nuts: