Geri Halliwell Gets Engaged to Italian Tycoon

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  1. Wasting no time in declaring their love for one another, Geri Halliwell has announced that she’s gotten engaged to her mega-rich Italian beau Fabrizio Politi.
    Having just met in December at a Florence nightclub, the couple have enjoyed a whirlwind romance over the past few weeks (yes… weeks) - taking trips to Paris and Maldives.
    Of the engagement, Geri’s management firm said: “We are delighted to announce the engagement of Geri Halliwell and Fabrizio Politi. As a token of their commitment to each other Fabrizio presented Geri with an engagement ring over the festive season.”
    And while she has her ring, there aren’t any official plans for nuptials just quite yet. “There are no immediate plans for marriage as the couple are enjoying their engagement,” Geri’s reps told.

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  2. Eek

    He looks dodgy!
  3. I couldn't agree more!! :supacool: :police:
  4. ^ very dodgy!
  5. is that the father of her baby?

    I think he is cute in a oompha loompa kind of way
  6. I have no idea who she is...well hopefully they won't rush into the marriage.
  7. Nope, he's not the father. They broke up before the baby was born.
  8. ^ thats messed up
  9. Her daughter is cute.

    I agree that he looks dodgy. I'm always suspect of courtships that take place over only several weeks.
  10. The whole thing seems a little dodgy. But I LOVE her white coat!
  11. :wtf: She's Ginger Spice from the Spice Girls!! lol
  12. i LOVE her boots!!! she seems to wear them a lot too - any idea what they are?

    and i agree - that guy looks up to no good :nogood:

  13. LOL! Never knew her real name :shrugs: thanks!
  14. Hmmm - well, congrats!
  15. This is INSANE! They only just met last month. And I hear he bought the ring in December too, the month they met! Im sorry but thats waaaaayyy too fast to be getting engaged! Madness!