Gerard Darel?

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  1. I remember reading something about GD earlier. Are people still interested in this bag? :toung: I ordered one from the N. American distributor, and am wondering does anyone have one?
  2. I'm sorry but I didn't even know who this designer was and googling around didn't help. The next time you bring a designer up out of the blue, please give us a picture or link so we know you are talking about.

    This is the most useful thing I could find, and of course it comes from the best source of all time - :smile:

    I think it's simple and has a good shape to it - but the color and shape of the bag reminds me of something Cole Haan would do.
  3. The Drape bags by Gerard Darel seem to be very popular, yet hard to get in the US. Mind if I ask where you got it from?
  4. Thats cute! :smile: Haven't seen any of those around!
  5. I got mine from Balisimo (I know, they have a quirky spelling) in Redondo Beach, CA. The quality is surprisingly excellent, I'll try to post a pic tomorrow...
  6. I look forward to seeing it, what color did you get?
  7. Brown! I'm just waiting for it to dry (I sprayed some waterproofing on it)
    I really love this pink one... what do you guys think? :P

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  8. What's the interior like? Does it pockets, cell phone holder, etc.? Also when you take pics of it can you put a tube of lipstick next to it so we know how big it is?
  9. I am really liking that purple looking picture of it.
  10. I like this bag, too so I did some quick searching. There were extensive discussions of TFS during the summer about this bag and I was able to find US contact info for Gerard Darel. The Isabella Company is the US agent for Gerard Darel (and other designers).

    The Isabella Company
    205 West 39th. Street, 17th Floor
    New York, NY 10018
    (212) 302-2055
    Toll free (877) ISABELLA (1-877-472-2355)

    for email questions:
  11. Hmmm the picture above looks pink to me. but I hope it's purple!
  12. The pic on the right looks purple lol, the left definitely looks pink though, could just be me!
  13. Nice bag
  14. I like this bag too and did some search right away. It turns out that Gerard Darel is a French design but there is nothing on his website, just a picture. And found this another one
    Did you get more info about the bag, Lexi? Does anyone have the dimension, Michelle maybe? Thanks.

  15. Hi

    Pics of my bag... It's roughly 18x10. My camera's pretty wack, so please excuse any blurriness! :biggrin:

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