Gerard Darel with studs?

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  1. I don't care for it. :oh:

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  2. Nope on this one as well.

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  3. Me's too much for me!
  4. No. don't like this!
  5. Also a nope to the one with the flowers!
  6. not a fan of either one
  7. I don't like the first one, but I like the second one with the flowers.
  8. Neither. It has totally changed the simplicity for the design. But I can see how people would love the 2nd one with floral design like the Dior bags. Wow, where did you get the pictures, Bjara?
  9. I did a search on google and found it in a French magazine article. I had to translate the site to English. It just directed you to the Gerard Darel site.

    I just tried to find it again, and I can't. :sad:
  10. I think the studs are's the color I don't like.
  11. Wow, the ornamentation on both bags really make it look bad. In my opinion, it kind of makes the bags look cheap. Also, it's such a shame to hide all of that beautiful leather with beading and floral designs. The leather should be allowed to stand on its own!
  12. I saw a picture of the one with studs in a magazine at the manicurist yesterday (think it was "shop" or something like that). Agree, like the plain leather better.
  13. Yuck. I don't like either. Too busy for my taste.
  14. i think the flowers are gorgeous
  15. I like the flowers. It's very asian inspired. The studs I could do without.