Gerard Darel sightings in NYC

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  1. Just got back from NYC and saw some GD charlotte bags. BG has 2 in the blue.I found a boutique on 5th at W45th street called The Look. They carried a lot of french bags/clothing. They had the GD in blue,black,white,and choco brown. The leather was smooth in all of them excepth the choco was a littled pebbled. The price at this boutique was $298!! I would have bought one but I bought a cognac spy and that sorta shot the funds:biggrin:
  2. Wow, PGN, thanks for the update!
  3. 298? that is a great price. thanks for the update. i actually got a call last night from BG, they finally received their shipment and the SA is sending me one in black. i hope is nice as to i have never seen it IRL, but the price is just fab for an everyday bag with no worries.

    what color blue was it?
  4. hmmm- it was a light blue with almost a periwinkle hue. I don't know the actual color:smile:
  5. Thanks for that info! I got a chocolate brown from BG last week and simply ADORE it! The leather is soft and buttery and just fabulous!! I have to call tomorrow and ask what other colors are in stock. Did you happen to find out? I really want the style with the outside pockets. :love: :love: :love:

    Please let us know how you like your bag - if the leather is anything like my choco you will be petting it for days. :biggrin:
  6. I guess BG didn't get the tan in, as I still haven't heard from them. But I'll check out this other boutique.
  7. Has anybody heard from balissimo? I have to call her today and see what the story is!
  8. She told me to call her this week to check in. I phoned last week and she was having some difficulty getting them in. She was expecting a call from the rep shortly. I certainly hope I am not over this by the time I hear from her.
  9. I haven't heard a thing from Balissimo either. I've pretty much given up on the Darel bag. :sad:
  10. ROEY... you'll be interested to know that the leather on this bag has reeled me in! The pics of that buttery leather are killing me.
  11. I was able to get a hold of Toni from Balissimo last Sunday (March 12th). She's expecting a shipment in a week (she said it was supposed to come in already, but...), she has 30+ people wanting a GD! Asked her how many orders she will be able to fill, she said she will fill them all and some extra.
  12. :amazed: Daisy! Amazed to see you in this thread, LOL!! :lol: Next time you go shopping, see if NM or Saks is carrying GD.

    I just got off the phone with BG (store in NYC) and they did not receive a new shipment and are not sure when it is due to come in.

    My chocolate bag was a return and I suspect that black one posted earlier in this thread was too. S/A's don't like to use the word return for fear of scaring us away so they tell us a new shipment just came in. My S/A said the same thing when she sold me the chocolate. I knew it was a return because a Purse Forum member had recently sent hers back! :lol:
  13. Roey, I think I told you that I did ask last time and NM was totally clueless.
  14. You probably got the bag I "returned"--it just took awhile since it was being sent from NM in San Diego to BG in NY :smile: Don't worry--the bag was in PERFECT condition when I returned it. I didn't even try it on much :lol: Just decided to use the money towards something else. But congrats on a great bag!
  15. Hi Daisy,

    I didn't do an all out search... But NM catalog recently had the GD in either gold or silver metallic... Not sure if you're even interested, but I think the price was $325. I posted the catalog info on another thread on GD. Do a search and you should find it pretty easily. Other than that, only BG carries GD for the time being.
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