Gerard Darel python charlotte 24 !!!


    The Lafayette Galeries in Berlin have Gerard Darel bags now!!!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Look what i got there yesterday.......a python charlotte 24 :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I just couldn't resist !!!!:shrugs:

    isn't she gorgeous?????

    oh, and i bought these jimmy choo evening sandals :love:
    python.jpg python2.jpg choonpython.jpg
  2. WOW!! it's pretty! congrats girl :yahoo:
  3. oooo fabulous! Congrats DG.
  4. Gorgeous! That's the version that got me interested in the GD Charlotte in the first place!
  5. Omigod! stunning! *fainting dead away*
  6. Love it!
  7. I just sent it to a friend who has the white patent, she's crazy for it!
  8. thanks pointie!!! By the way, loveee your avatar!!!
  9. Ditto! I love GD's! And this style is TDF in python.
  10. The Ween thanks you for your lovely words!

    My friend spent all morning calling around for another Darel. HA!
  11. Very cute in python!
  12. Love this style ... this bag looks best in the python print!
  13. I :heart: this bag...may I ask how much it set you back?
  14. Oh wow I literally gasped when I opened the first thumbnail. Gorgeous!
  15. It looks great. I love python, have boots and shoes but no bags