Gerard Darel Private Pre-Order - January 16th - 17th

  1. Gerard Darel Fans.........

    Delicina has just posted the following:
  2. I received the same email, but what I want to know about is their pricing! Why don't they display the bags along with their prices on their website?
  3. I just received an email from Delcina regarding the pre-sale...

  4. Do we know how exactly the pre-order works? is it on line? or is it something in the store where one would have to call and place the order?

    I'm not familiar with delcina, but i've been wanting another gerard darel!
  5. I'm not privy to the details although I know that you can pre-register online. I still want to know about the pricing!!!!
  6. I want to know about the pricing too. I'm going to be in Paris in March, and need to get a handle on whether it will be cheaper to buy here, given the weak dollar, or whether to buy in France.
  7. Thanks for posting that follow-up bagachondriac. I got the original e-mail too, but not the follow-up. I'd be curious about pricing as well. I'd also like to know if they're sure they're getting the higher quality bags and not the cheaper version that some people have received from other sources.
  8. youngster...I can't agree with you more considering the nightmare that I went through with the down-market GD bag. I'm certainly skiddish about ordering another one sight-unseen!
  9. I'd like to know pricing too. I've gotten 3 emails from delcina that's it's "coming soon" but no idea on pricing or the styles. I feel like telling them to cough it up! The suspense is killing me. It's evil of them to string us along!

  10. BTW youngster...that wasn't a follow-up. It was a response to my inquiry about their selection and pricing. Personally, I found it to be somewhat vague. It certainly didn't answer my questions. Are they not going to display pics and prices of the bags they are selling on their website? Also...given the concerns about quality, I would hope that would be addressed as well.
  11. I just placed an inquiry and received some follow up I thought I'd pass along.

    The sale will be through the internet and those who a registered customers will receive a link. Pics of the bags and swatches will be up as well. I asked for pricing on the 24 and 36 heures only and they will start at $425 and $585 respectively.

  12. Wow! Those prices are reasonable. Did you inquire about the quality of the bags? Thanks for the post kcd.:tup:
  13. this is the response that i got from delcina's cs....

    24-Heures Plain Front
    36-Heures Plain Front
    48-Heures Zip Front

    Pricing ranges from $425 for the 24-Heures to $860 for the 48-Heures.
  14. I didn't:sad:. My hope would be that bags would be returnable. I've purchased two GDs, both site unseen. One went back because it just felt stiff and had an off smell. The other is wonderful and has become my go to bag!
  15. thank you for all the homework ladies.

    prices seem good enough to swallow. it's pay day on the 15th anyway. the 36-hr seems a bit big from what i'm reading here, so targeting a 24.

    if the real thing arrives unbearable, i'll know immediately and return it. i think it's worth doing since it's been sooooooo long!:drool: