Gerard Darel pics

  1. I know somebody wanted pics of Gerard Darel from NM's The Addition.

    Here they are!

    Black (shown) or ruby patent leather $390

    Beige (shown) or black wool and acrylic $390
    GD.jpg GD1.jpg
  2. :nuts: Thank you!!! :flowers: :flowers:
  3. What is The Addition? I think I need one of those patent bags!
  4. how big is the first one?
  5. The Addition is like this glossy paper newspaper thing that comes occasionally with The Book from Neiman Marcus. I like their catalogs better than fashion mags.

    No size listed - sorry. Check the NM website maybe they have it there.
  6. Maxter, thank you so much!!! Do you happen to have an item number? Can I order it online? (I don't get The Book from NM and only the crochet (sp) one is online.) I will order that bag in red right now (maybe black)! Thanks!
  7. Interesting to see these. Thanks!
  8. Hmmm, I get all the NM catalogs but I don't seem to have The Addition. It would be lovely if you could post the item #! :flowers:
  9. Glimmer & gLily

    Sorry for the delay but I have been busy with soccer.

    The black (and ruby patent) are item number A14a

    The crochet is A14b.

    Good luck and let us know if the real thing is as good as the pics. Look yummy!
  10. I've never heard of The Addition- and I think the crochet bag is adorable !