Gerard Darel Patent Leather Bags

  1. I searched ALL the old GD posts (whew - that took some time) to find out info on his Patent Leather bags - but it seems like no one has one yet.

    So i'm just wondering if anyone has seenone IRL? I want to know if the finish is plastic-like or just a shiny version of the black leather.

    Any info would be great! I know there are a lot of international women on the PF board who may have seen this up close in real life - also for NYC women, I think they had this one at BG - so maybe someone saw it there?

  2. Any patent ladies here?
  3. I haven't seen one. But I'm curious -- is this the bag (with chain strap) that is in the current Darel ads?
  4. ^^yes. I haven't been able to find that one in stores yet. (in the US) I did just order 3 Gerard Darel bags in tan, white, and black though (the Charlotte leather bag) - and will report on them on tuesday.

    I'm just interested if anyone had a feedback on patent leather bags I guess.
  5. i only saw them in photo.
    i talked with the SAs at the darel store in rome and they shouwed me pictures of the white and black patent with chains, i think they'll arrive at the end of april at the store!
  6. Thanks divina. I think the patent bag is very pretty in the black and white photos. I wonder how it will look in real life.
  7. I'd love to see more photo's of the GD patent bag!
  8. I want to see this too...sorry I am not of help, but I am really excited about this bag for some reason.
  9. I'd love to see photos too.
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