Gerard Darel online at Neiman Marcus

  1. hi glily, i think someone already posted this! But thanks anyway:smile: :amuse:

    i saw this bag IRL and it's gorgeous!!!!
  2. Really?? Oh, sorry. I did a search first and everything!! If I didn't have a Speedy coming, I would order this in black!
  3. Darelgirl, one more thing...Is this bag less expensive in Europe? NM is selling it for $695.00.
  4. i don't remember where i read it.....nervermind:smile:

    I saw another color in the GD boutiques in paris! it was a very very pale brown and it was sooooo beautiful:love:

  5. I saw it for 400 Euro i think!!!
  6. is this a larger sized bag?
  7. yes, it's larger than the charlotte 24.....if i remember it right it's the charlotte 36!
  8. The dimensions online are 12 x 21 x 5 1/2.
  9. darelgirl and glily, thanks for confirming. i saw a periwinkle charlotte 24 in BG a week and a half ago and it retailed $395. i don't have any darel bags so i don't know the dimensions. and i assumed the ones on NM online were more expensive because i thought they were the 24 except with a flap.
  10. no, the 24 with flap costs the same as the regular 24!
  11. thanks, darelgirl! now to decide on which one to buy :Push:
  12. Gorgeous bag
  13. I want it in gold!...not available here! :sad:
  14. it is far more expensive at nm :amazed::huh::blink:
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