Gerard Darel Oklahoma

  1. I cracked up when I saw this while browsing the Gerard Darel website. It is so very rare Oklahoma garners any attention in the fashion world. I've lived here my entire life, and I'm pretty sure I've never seen a handbag named after my state. I have no idea what possessed Gerard to do such a thing...but there's a Utah one too. I can't even decide what's supposed to be "oklahoman" about it.
  2. Do you have a picture or a link?
  3. Sure, I can't get a picture because their website uses flash (I think), but you can go to and click on Fall/Winter, Bags, then Oklahoma.
  4. I would love to get my hands on that 24 hour Utah in Honey :drool:
  5. I wondered about that... It's like the Lanvin Kansas. What gives?